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How do you optimize your store for conversions? Here are the steps:

1. Add To Cart Button

The add to cart button has to be on the first part of the page so people can already see it.

2. Reviews

You need to get reviews on your site so people know that customers can what real people are saying about the actual product.

3. Product Pictures

Make sure to add multiple angles of your product so people can see more or less what it would like once they order it. Another is having good supporting images such as comparisons with competing brands, the different ways to use your product, and your product in action.

4. PayPal Option

5. Install Inspectlect

This allows you to record people using your website. You can see what it’s like for them to interact with your website, and from there, you get to see some issues that you could fix.

6. Email Capture

7. Mobile Friendly

You can check how mobile friendly your website is by narrowing your browser. This is a huge way to increase your conversions.

8. Grandma Proof Website

Make it easy to navigate and easy understand. Go through your website and if there is anything that does not make sense or does not flow well, make it look easier.

9. Testimonials

You can show what people think about your product or how they react to it, it’s great to add this to your website.

The lesson I learned this week is you don’t need to put a lot of pressure in yourself. You need to know when to take a break for yourself.

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  3. what is the difference by using shopify or any other web builder optimized for shopping? I'm building one on weebly, and I like it. But I think is a lot of paying for the web and also for the marketing, but I think is the same on shopify, isn't?

  4. I liked the pop up to increase sales.

  5. Awesome, love seeing what's happening Travis. Look for the sticky add to cart app too. It's cool and follows the buyer down the screen 🙂

  6. thx you for sharing all your videos are great content
    where is that beach?? nice

  7. Would you be able to make a video on how to set up adwords dynamic remakreting via Google Tag Manager for a shopify store? I ve been trying to set this up without any luck…. my tag is not recording any parameters like product ID and such

  8. Installing Inspectlect !! Thanks and have fun with your new go pro!!!

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