How to install Google Tag Manager on Shopify

How to install Google Tag Manager on Shopify


Is your GTM installed on Shopify correctly? Or are the checkout pages missing? In this video we are going to install GTM on your Shopify store including the Checkout pages so you can make use of the Tag Management system from Google.

In this video we’ll show you how it’s done.


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  1. how you get working on checkout, It does not works for me… I also wanted to know if data layer works this way?

  2. It's saying "multiple versions detected" when I did this – what's wrong?

  3. Hi Julian. How to set up checkout conversions for Bing Ads? A lot of sites wrote that can use Additional scripts in Checkout. For Example But now it not working. Please help me. Thank you.

  4. I am doing the tagging of the E-commerce on Shopify. The process was easy and there was a code already installed. Then I turn into Google tag manager, and as the video said, I try to implement my code of GTM.But it was the same code, with one difference, on this part: )(window,document,'script','dataLayer','SocialMiner') I have SocialMiner as reference in the orignal (and it works with my Google analytic,) and the GTM as me to put his code reference instead of SocialMiner (socialMiner being a reference to cisco ) And it doesn't work. I stuck with this

  5. Hi Julian – you caught me off guard when you ended the video by recommending against using GTM with shopify. I'm using 1 GA property for both my main website and my shopify site (which has a different domain). I'd like to track both these sites in the same property and enable cross domain tracking so I don't generate new sessions and can more easily do conversion tracking. Do you still recommend against GTM, or would GTM be advantageous to achieve this? Mahalo!

  6. Hi Julian, in my case GTM works fine in all the pages except in the checkout pages, could be because an update of Shopify or do I'm doing something wrong?

    At the end of the video, you recommend installing Google Analytics directly into Shopify, is this the same case for the Facebook Pixel Code? Huge fan of your videos!!! thanks in advance.

  7. good tutorial, how can i capture conversion sale on shopify route to google adwords

  8. good tutorial, how can i capture conversion sale on shopify route to google adwords

  9. good tutorial, how can i capture conversion sale on shopify route to google adwords

  10. Hi Julian! Thank you for your video, I'm learning a lot with you. As I follow you to get GTM installed on Shopify correctly, what happens to me is the GTM console disappeared after the "Cart page", when I moving to checkout page, and I saw your video how to install conversion tracking and I can't find the conversion tag on tag assistant and was supposed to be there! Do you know why?

  11. Followed exactly, and still not seeing the tag manager preview window when I'm in my checkout page. When I go to paste my header code in the Javascript menu, the code isn't surrounded by script tags. I tried keeping the script tags in the code and still no success.

  12. In my tag assistant app, labels are in blue color, something doesn't work. Can you help me?

  13. checkout page do not load google tag manager and give me the next error – VM5361 about:srcdoc:6 [Report Only] Refused to load the script '******' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: ….." and so on. Does anyone have same issue?

  14. Awesome guide, never used GTM for Shopify, only for other platforms. One question though: how can we track the conversion value of a purchase with GTM?

  15. One of those rare videos that provide an incredible amount of value, thank you!

  16. Hey Julian, great tutorial as always! Just learned I'll be having to do this very soon so I was very happy to see you already had a tutorial ready.

    On another topic. I too love tools that make our lives easier as marketers and noticed a few chrome extensions you're using in your profile I don't recognize. I see TagManagerInjector, GA Debug, Tag Assitant, (???), GTM Sonar, (???), (???). What are those three (???)? Two look script related "< / > " and " … " the last one reminds me of the 'Lego block' icon they used to use for building 'Macros' in GTM 1.0.

    If you find these extensions helpful in your daily tasks, I would love to check them out as well. I checked your "10 Google Analytics Chrome Extensions you should try…
    " video and didn't see those three covered. Maybe its time to make another Chrome Extention video! 🙂

  17. Hi there,
    Can we track Google Ads conversion on Shopify through Google Tag Manager ? If so, how?

  18. I don't have a separate cart page. As my cart draws out from the right (animation) . How do I do it? Kindly help. I'm also unable to create custom conversation on FB pixel for the cart page.

  19. This works for me. However, at 4:41, in the shopify implementation I was looking at, there are NO script tags outside the box. For those who are finding problems with this instruction, maybe that is the issue. You have removed the script tags according to this video whereas you should have kept them there. Just a thought…

  20. Before watch your video, I linked google analytics with google tag manager, how should I disconnect that? Thanks

  21. Julian, you rock… as always. Thanks so much for the kazillion videos I've watched over the summer and how much I've learned. Best wishes from LA!

  22. Hi Julian – Is this video still relevant? I'm receiving an error after this implementation process. Has Shopify GTM implementation changed at all?
    Thanks for all your videos.
    So much valuable help.

  23. Works perfectly! Thanks, this is much appreciated!

  24. except on the online store page

  25. GTM does not show on any page despite following all the steps correctly?

  26. You are one of the best. For sure.

  27. Hey Measureschool I followed the exact same steps but still the tag assistant is giving error: Error while sending request: net::ERR_ABORTED.
    The Tag Manager is showing Red in Color.
    Can you please help how to fix that. Any other workarounds?

  28. @Julian, I am wondering why you recommend to add it to other places apart from "additonal scripts" (/admin/online_store/preferences). It seems as though this will include GTM on any page across Shopify (incl. checkout success). Thanks for your feedback

  29. Hey, great videos! Really helpful. Quick question: I've seen GTM deployed through adding the code to a snippet. Do you know if that is better or worse than your method?

  30. thanks a bunch this helped so much

  31. Thank you for the Video.
    But unfortunately there is no dataLayer implemented… When I add a product to the cart there is no event in the dataLayer…

  32. For some reason I can't find the "Body" section in my theme.liquid file does anybody have any suggestions please? many thanks Jon.

  33. If i installed it incorrectly and had 3 sales that were not detected how will this effect me? OPTIMIZATION?

  34. Hi.. I followed the exact same steps but still the tag assistant is giving error: Error while sending request: net::ERR_ABORTED.
    The Tag Manager is showing Red in Color.
    Can you please help how to fix that. Any other workarounds?

  35. I followed your tutorial and installed the code on my shopify site, but I am getting an error saying: "HTTP response code indicates tag failed to fire: Status 404. This could be due to an empty or un-published container". How do I fix this?

  36. Thank you for sharing your knowledges. It is very useful

  37. Thank you. Made the video very easy to follow. Keep up the good work!

  38. Do you made a video how to create GTM tags in shopify store ?

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