How To Make $200-$500 a Day With Shopify For Beginners 2018

How To Make $200-$500 a Day With Shopify For Beginners 2018


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  2. Drop shipping is dead. Get a real job

  3. How do you go about picking your products out ? What to sell VS what not to sell

  4. I don't think I fully understand I think I need more help

  5. I got almost 12K followers on Instagram. Few celebrities like my stuff, 50,000 views on Facebook and no buys.. I got two really really good shirts. Miami and LA design everything else is generic but still can’t believe no buys. Shirts are $15.99 and I only get a $2 profit off amazon merch. Check it out it’s called “theyachtclub94” would love some feedback..

  6. LOTS of good information. Subscribed. Thanks for doing what you do, it matters.

  7. Nice video bro
    U got a new sub…

  8. Pretty sure the Facebook algorithm changed since this video was created. How is this working out for people now?

  9. I appreciate you brother.

  10. 500$ slap yourself brah, are you crazy

  11. I'm over here doing math based on your example of costs and profit and none of it adds up. For example $1.52 + $1.99 equals $3.51. where did you get $3.56?

  12. Do you want to shop at a discounted price??DO you want to advertise??then click on this link
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  13. Do you want to shop at a discounted price??DO you want to advertise??then click on this link
    <a href="" target="_parent">Flash Deals (EN)</a>

  14. Thanks for the info . Great video. to the point

  15. Man dope video, it would be cool if you could help me out with my shopify problems, you seem to know what you’re talking about

  16. Those things sell on Amazon for $5-$10 bruh plus they all have Prime compared to your Epacket which takes a couple of weeks. Still good, informative video though.

  17. Curious, how does facebook know you make a sale if it's on your shopify? Is it because you linked facebook to shopify in the beginning? Thanks!

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  19. Hi I’m a high school dropout. I failed 3 times. Can you teach me how to make money?

  20. Finally a black brotha that understands my struggles

  21. Bull sh#t, in excel in can get what numbers you want… show me the money bitch

  22. yeah bet this works, bet the easy way works

  23. WHOA!!! DUDE get the noise under control could not understand you stopped listening after 30 sec.

  24. Im 15 and just hit 200k in sales in one month heres a video for proof
    email in description if you wanna collab on a store and start making money with me!

  25. Sorry man nothing personal but first impression is made through decades of experience and my instincts from nature being intact. You sound like a dip shit.

  26. How easy would this be for someone brand new to do and make a profit?
    I just want to start trying to break even.

  27. Live it love it use it, this video was so informative,

  28. Very helpful. Thank you! Wishing you much success and all the best!

  29. This is the 1st vid ive seen for shopify where the math was actually broke down!! Awsome!

  30. Thanks bro for telling the real truth. Knowledge is power. Keep it moving. You got a new subscriber !

  31. @16:21 Def something many Shopify sellers 'forget' to mention indeed! Good reminder for newcomers!

  32. Hey Willy, i really enjoyed your contents. It's fresh, it has good vibes and definitely eye catching. I'm new to shopify, maybe you can encourage starters like me to grow on shopify. Your contents are amazing, but I still missing maybe a trick or two because I haven't making any progress yet.. Maybe you can give me a shout out.Keep it ur good work man! I'm starting new leather watches online shop on shopify, maybe you guys can check it out. have a great day guys. Appreciate it.

    To all starters on shopify, I really really recommend u guys to follow Will as it's content is super lit and helpful. Subscribe , comment down below and like to show your support for him guys ! Appreciate .

  33. Real shit bro. cheers man!

  34. Im impressed by your knowledge. Im looking for a mentor.How can we connect?

  35. Hey great video by the way but what if the item, your selling isn't found in amazon that maybe on Aliexpress?

    How do you do a comparative price analysis?

  36. Is this drop shipping? Or do you order it to your house and then ship it?

  37. Great amount of information it's always good to know more in this business when it comes down to the numbers that is very important to me thank you

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