How To Make A Facebook Ad For Shopify (Live Example – Dropshipping)

How To Make A Facebook Ad For Shopify (Live Example – Dropshipping)


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Taking you Step-By-Step through creating a Facebook ad page post for your Shopify Dropshipping store! Hopefully this provided you with some value

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  1. Hi thanks for the video, how do you have the option to add post text under the ad. Most dropshipping vid ads have this, but I cant see any option for this when I am trying to create ads is only available for some campaign objectives or?

  2. Everyday day that is dedication

  3. GET OUT of my Comments

  4. Thanks Hayden – question – why dont you select "use this ad as and post later on page" when you create the post and instead just use it as an ad?

  5. Hey man, Why cant you put a shop now button on your post which sends them to your link?

  6. I can't find the SEO metadata thingy. My link spills over into the 6th line…


  8. yo im confused… so how do we generate data for FB pixel again? does that come from instagram? was i supposed to have this installed before i run shoutouts on instagram to gather data?


  10. just gooood content so so consistent thank you !!!!

  11. I don't want business advice from a kid with his hat on backwards like a gangbanger.

  12. See doing the wrong link when you work for someone else will get you fired. This is why I enjoy doing my own stuff cause I can't fire myself. 😛

  13. “That’s a nice box “

  14. Your strategic, matter-of-fact thinking is refreshing after a lot of the sensational bullshit I see in these kinds of videos. But I have to be honest- emojis seem kind of childish. I'm only 30 years old, and I already feel like "damn, I can't relate to these kids". I'll do it if I have to, but are emojis really this effective?

  15. I am brand new to this. When you change the link, where exactly is the SEO meta you mentioned? Is it in your shopify store or aliexpress?

  16. I was really confused trying to navigate through the drop-shipping process before finding your page

  17. I liked this video 30 seconds in. That's a first for me 😀

  18. so why does fb require you to have an existing page if you're going to make an unpublished page post. Would rather just create an ad that shows up in users news feeds, but it appears i have to have an existing page first.

  19. Yo hayden i followed you from a long time , but i try to get social proof in my ad post on facebook with interaction but no results ! i added a good description its in france , i want like comment but there is nothing with 5e a day adds

  20. Hey hayden do you need a facebook for your business before you make an ad or can you just make it not show who posted it and use your personal account?

  21. want to see you do more video on Instagram

  22. I like it, hope to see the targetting in another vid, thx!!

  23. Engagement or Conversion Ad?

  24. Hey Hayden, just wanted to ask – when you're reaching out to influencers, do you tell how much you want to pay them? If not do you ask how much they want for a post? Have you tried stuff like sending your product to the influencer together with another 3 or so that the influencer can give to their audience?

  25. No wonder you're breaking even on FB, what kind of ad strategy is that…..:)

  26. Absolutely great ON POINT content !!! .. just have this q cause i wana start my own store .. whats the different between Shopify store and Ali Droo ship store ???!

  27. Why would you not recommend to use bitly?

  28. Hayden, I have a simple question,
    Would you prefer Oberlo over Wholesale2b?

  29. Do you think you need to have an established Facebook page posting regular content and a certain number of likes to run successful ads? So sorry if you address this is the vid, I flagged it to watch tomorrow, but I've been watching so many of your other videos, great stuff! Thank you!

  30. Wanna start making money asap? I'll set up your shopify store in 24 hours or your money back! Go here —>

  31. Can you do an example of targetting with this product 😉 BTW love your content keep going man!

  32. What sizing are you using for the image when using the unpublished page post for ads?

  33. Yo Hayden what do you think about Reach story ads for instagram? I used them and got cheap cpms and clicks, made a few sales aswell.

  34. Can you do a deeper dive into Instagram influencers in the future?
    -Do you expect sales to come from one influencer post, or do you use the first post just to get mind share… Then hit the same page with another ad for the product and drive more sales? I'm curious about your process behind IG influencer posts.

    I know you have talked about how there are a TON of factors into getting success on IG, I'm just curious to find out what a winning product campaign look like.

    I've paid for a few shoutouts without much success… I've been having more luck on FB. The products I picked might suck too… idk.

    Thx man – I'm 10 years older than you but I watch ur vidz every day. They keep me motivated 👊 👊

    Also–Do you use bitly to shorten the link in ur post? If not, check that out. It will make the links much smaller. Only problem is that you don't see your store's name in the link tho…

  35. I'm sorry that documentary was funny asf 😂😂😂😂

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