How To Make An Instagram Influencer Post (Live Example – Shopify Dropshipping)

How To Make An Instagram Influencer Post (Live Example – Shopify Dropshipping)


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Designing an Instagram Influencer post can be a pretty daunting task. You want to convey a lot of information in one tiny little post and not anger the followers of that channel because… they have to see an ad! Here’s the exact thought process that I go through to construct a high-converting post.

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  1. If you've made your post and want to go ahead and post it on an influencer page… You're going to need a caption. Here's how you're going to write that bad boy:

  2. Hi Zach, really great video

  3. You give the best information and explain everything so good. Thanks a lot.

  4. The main problem of such videos is that only the final picture is shown, not the number of clicks. Clicks is the main proof of a good advertisement. It is hard for me to believe that a person with successful stores regretted $ 20 for a real test. Do not misunderstand me, I am grateful to you for the quality content, but advertising is not just a picture in Photoshop.

  5. Hey zach. What do you study btw?. Is that wileyplus?

  6. this is totally irrelevelant but I must say I love your hair

  7. you can hire someone to design these for you for like $10 if you know where to look. spend that time on customer care and making boss decisions for your business

  8. What about a video to post on the influencers' instagram?

  9. Forget the ad stuff, I subscribed for the humor

  10. Can you do a video on how to structure an ad for a bracelet? All of the videos I have seen structure their ads the way you said not to. I'm a complete noob btw, so I really want to learn the right way and avoid mistakes as much as possible. Thank you.

  11. This is how to instruct clearly and direct

  12. Need to limit extraneous chatter. Need to be more direct.

  13. Nice ad. Dog approved.

  14. finally found some other youtuber who has made an ad almost as good as mine 😉 nah but fr tho, well done bro, you're one of the only others on this entire platform that has a genuine skill at making ads 👊🏼

  15. I am 1 month late to viewing your vid. And, this is my first time viewing your channel. It is well done and full of knowledge. I'm subscribing and cannot wait to learn more. Thank you for breaking things down and really showing how things are to be done.

  16. Very cool but too advanced ! Can you make a video on what exactly you used to make this in PS ?

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