How to Rank a Shopify Store on Google in 2019 | Shopify SEO Tutorial For Beginners | Shopify Course

How to Rank a Shopify Store on Google in 2019 | Shopify SEO Tutorial For Beginners | Shopify Course


How to Rank a Shopify Store on Google in 2019 | Shopify SEO Complete Tutorial For Beginners | Shopify Course | Part 5

Hi Friends,


Today, I’m here with you with the part no 5 of shopify store development course for beginners and in this interesting video tutorial I’m going to show you all about how to rank your store on google first page so that your store can get organic traffic and sales as well.

Friends, Selling Online is the future but do you know about 90-95% store fails? The reason is straight forward, they don’t get footing on google and also they don’t follow the guidelines and ideas of experts and don’t do any research before starting the store.

Friends, if you are thinking about starting a new eCommerce store on shopify or if you have already started an eCommerce store on shopify and you want to become successful on shopify within the short time then this video is here for you because, in this video I have completely explained about how you can rank your store on google.

Dear Friends, In this video I have completely explained all the things about how you can become successful on shopify by ranking your store on the top of google by following the White hat SEO techniques and all the beginners can easily understand all the things through this tutorial.

So, if you don’t know about how to do the SEO of shopify store to make your business successful then checkout this video now.

So, What are you waiting for? Checkout the video now and KEEP LEARNING.. The next part of this course is coming soon if you are regularly following the full course.

Here, I request to watch the video fully without skipping so that you can understand each and everything perfectly.

One more thing friends, this is the 5th part of course if you have already watched the first introduction part, part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 then good/perfect but if you didn’t watched that parts yet then you can watch by following the link given below.


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I hope you will be enjoying this course and at the end you will learn a lot from this and you will always remember me. 🙂 “Waseem”

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