How To Run A Shopify Dropshipping Store If You're Under 18

How To Run A Shopify Dropshipping Store If You're Under 18


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  1. I’ve created an llc and put the 8 digit number in shopify but it won’t let me save my details when I’m under 18

  2. Does this still work in 2019?

  3. So, does the business get taxed bc of the EIN and the SSN doesn't get taxed??

  4. Great content bro I am under 18 and will implement them

  5. Thank you very much for this, helpful!!

  6. So Shopify is under your name but you use an EIN

  7. do u use your bank account under your dad paypal name?
    is it ok to use a diffrent name bank account?

  8. Would this be the same for someone in the uk.

  9. What banking company do you use?

  10. is there a way to change your SSN on shopify, much appreciated

  11. Can someone please explain whether this legal or not? How would this affect the adult's taxes??

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  13. Tanner,
    always trying to figure out how to make a paypal that is verified and with your help now i can make a paypal account and a store.
    keep up with the great work
    thank you so much!

  14. Can you do a video on taxes and how to fulfill orders

  15. I do it with a friend from another country who is 18 because im 16

  16. Thanks for the great advice 👏🏽❤️

  17. Do you need a credit card for shopify i think yes and if you have under 18 you can't have one. I need some help with this because you need a credit card for shopify plan . Need some help and advice

  18. How do I stay legal don’t I need a EIN

  19. If i have a shopify and it has my info but i put my dads social would it still work? Or would i need to have everything under his name?

  20. Hey tanner, certain amount of sales does shopify verify you???

  21. I don't understand a thing you just said!

  22. Even though you are using your parents social security account for instance… Can it still be under a minor's name?

  23. What if you have an older sibling just over 18 that isn’t dealing with the effects of taxes right now. Could they help with the SS aspect?

  24. Do you need to pay taxes if your under 18

  25. im wondering can you own more than one store on shopify under the same account or do you have to start from scratch to have multiple stores?

  26. This seems extremely complicated, is it worth it?

  27. How do you do PayPal under 18?

  28. Im using paypal pyment gateway on my store. When customer purchase, does the money directly go to my pypl account?

    How long does it takes to withdraw money from paypal to local bank account?

    Anybody knows?
    Thks in advance

  29. Tanner… So how much the total sale until they will need a verification?

  30. Tanner Planes so about how many sales did you get to before it asked you to provide ID? Did you try your own ssn at first?

  31. Hi Tanner. Im not US citizen. If i own an US LLC, bank account and physical adres, could i use shopify payments with my llc EIN number instead of a SSN?? Thanksss

  32. Link to your shopify store please

  33. I’m 17 and I turn 18 in may but I think I found a winning product so should I change my social security number to my dads and put it under his name? And do I have to change the bank account to his if I do this?

  34. Why do people still fuck with PayPal?

  35. Hey Tanner so can you take out like 6k without getting caught up or is that not possible

  36. Wait till 18 it will unlock/ put a power of attorney if for now

  37. Hi tanner I'm 14 years old, the biggest problem I am facing is don't have enough money to start out, I'm curious how much money did you first start out on dropshipping, hope you will response me

  38. How do you make paypal release your money?

  39. Bout to get into shopify soon thanks for the tips tanner ! -Toronto Canada

  40. so i understand but, i don't understand on how to create a legal business entity? The question is how do i go buy doing this? do i sign up or???

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