How To Sell Copyright T Shirt Designs On Shopify

How To Sell Copyright T Shirt Designs On Shopify


There’s a way around the copyright t-shirt design limitations you normally face on your Shopify dropshipping store.
►Grab the ApparelPop! plugin for Shopify HERE: (14-day free trial)

One of my viewers made me aware of this Shopify plugin that enables you to put copyright t shirt designs on your Shopify t shirt store.

ApparelPop! has over 100,000 designs of shirts that you can add to your store. With designs using logos from Superman, Batman, Star Trek, Betty Boop, Shrek and much more. When an ApparelPop! shirt gets ordered on your store, they handle printing and delivering for you.

Must Have Software:
►Set up a blog/website with Wix HERE: (free)
►Create your own online store with Shopify HERE: (14-day free trial)
►Create and sell online courses with Teachable HERE:
►Send emails to your store/website’s visitors with AWeber: (30-day free trial)
►Create proven sales pages for your sites with ClickFunnels HERE: (14-day free trial)

I’ve spoken in the past about how t shirt design copyright law is a huge set back when creating tshirts to sell online. ApparelPop! seems to be one of the best solutions I’ve found to this problem so far.

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  1. Do you know of any other ways to use copyrighted material in your designs?

  2. Dude, this is awesome to find!

  3. Ok I see people selling thanos shirts online how do they do that?

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  5. Hello I m an Artist , and if I make my own drawing of Ironman character bit different concept, then also can I use it?

  6. what if we change the shape of the image in photoshop or the font of the quotes? is this going to be a problem?

  7. NEW SUB HERE! The info in this vid is priceless! Thank you. Can't wait to check out your other vids.

  8. Pubg doesnt have an official merchandise yet but Ali express does have few cool hoodies and keychains. Is it okay for me to sell em on my store? Unlike GOT – HBO, PUBG actually doesnt have their own merchandise and even some people sell shirts with pubg on amazon. So help me out please.

  9. If I sell a avengers movie design that I made but with the faces of the actor would be copyright?

  10. What if one customer submit a copyright design to a POD store and they print and send to that customer, Who will be sued? the customer or the POD store? The design will not be posted on the website after sale. Is this safe?

  11. hi how to advrestising for this copyrighted t-shirt

  12. Hey awesome video

  13. If I draw a picture of Batman and put it on a shirt and sell it will I get in trouble for having the image of Batman?

  14. can u just sell other peoples shit for more expensive

  15. Will anyone help me with this, please? — on copyright.
    For example… I want to include (as part of a bigger design) a lowercase "g" inside a square (or circle) to highly resemble Google's. Not a 1:1 copy, but my own stylized remake. Is that allowed? Would Amazon Merch allow it? How about others?

  16. His link is affiliate. Think he forgot to mention 🙂

  17. If I buy a licenses right picture on a website can I use it on a t-shirt?

  18. Can I use their image on other POD supplier?

  19. Hi, do you know wheter this also goes outside USA?

  20. The margins on apparel pop is terrible

  21. Apparel pop sending emails doesn't work. 🤔

  22. How could i do facebook ads with the copyright designs? i'll have the permission but Facebook won't know that.

  23. what's the base price of their shirts? I can't find it anywhere

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