How to send ETSY orders to AOP+ Dropshipping app works on Shopify.

How to send ETSY orders to AOP+ Dropshipping app works on Shopify.


Selling on ETSY and would like to use AOP+ Services? There is a way to do that.

You can use AOP+ services for the marketplaces like ETSY, etc. It is not fully automated but we have many customers do that.

You have to say when listing on Etsy that you are using a production partner to fulfil your items.

Let me tell you how I do it;

1- Sign up for Shopify Lite (If you don’t have a shopify store) It costs $9 per month and will give you access to some great suppliers including AOP+

2. Download the AOP+ App.

3. Once you have the AOP+ installed you can create products, download product info and images etc.

4. Upload the product to Etsy, with images and info etc. Also include the sku codes given in shopify in your Etsy listing as this makes things easier. Make sure to add a production partner.

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5. When you item sells, create a manual order on shopify, search for the item using the sku code. Add customer. Mark as paid and create order. It does not take too long for each order. Copy and paste is your best friend here. 🙂

If you need more support on ETSY + AOP please join to ETSY POD Academy Group on Facebook.

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  1. Please I have a question: when I place the order on Shopify using this method, does Shopify take sale fee on it or not?

  2. Long time, I have been searching and communicating with shopify, how to fulfill non-shopify order……….Now I fel, I have reached at a good solution…Thanks…….I am also in POD…butnot with alloverprint….now starting with you

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