How to Set Up Product Reviews for your Shopify Store

How to Set Up Product Reviews for your Shopify Store


In this video we will walk through step-by-step how to add the Shopify Product Reviews app to your Shopify store. This is a great idea because lets people easily review your products which is great to add credibility and social proof for your potential customers.

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  1. Thanks a lot, great content!

  2. Can anyone help me out? After I installed this app there are now two different fields where you can add reviews.

  3. Thank you for the video. This is very helpful, because yours is the only one on Youtube that I was able to find. I only have one concern. My Shopify store has this app. I requested to remove the Reviews button, because I uploaded AliExpress Reviews and on the product page I had customer reviews and also a "No Reviews" button. Now if I add this back I am afraid that I will have the same issue. How do I make those 2 apps communicate, or how do I fix it? Thanks in advance.

  4. Not working in my case please help me

  5. Thank you, I would like to add this app since it will help all shops to increase sells.
    "Areviews ‑ Reviews Importer" it can import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon and Shein very easily
    it has many more features I recommended any one to try the free plan.

  6. Bogus system and totally illegal, If you're selling poor quality product you'll end up losing clients, dealing with refunds,chargeback claims and even getting Sued, However people won't sue you if you are selling small products like 20-30 bucks, But if you are selling high-end product you'll end up in jail, Because reviews speaks a lot, I've been working in online professional Audit and Development services for 6 years now and i know how reviews can make other people believe what you are selling is right, I am noway against Dropshipping i think its a Great idea for making extra money but Shipping from China is always suspicious, late and sometimes empty boxes, So choose your supplier with fine sense, Don't just add everything comes in your way from Oberlo, Make a store, Keep products which one cannot buy easily offline, like Smart wallets, Sex toys, Sex toys are very likely to sell online and you know i strongly believe sex toys are very least likely to apply for refund or any other formal inquiry, Nobody wanna tell if they are using them.
    Now i am gonna open a kinky store 😐

  7. Is there a way to create a page with all the reviews?

  8. So you can easily fake reviews and give your own store 5stars?

  9. you really need a better camera or recording device. i cant even uderstand where you placed the link

  10. I dont want to mess with code, I had a bad footer liquid problem, so I need an easier way to add the reviews I am not confident to do it.

  11. So helpful!! Thanks a lot 🙂

  12. Hey! Thank you for sharing! Where can I find the tutorial to install the snipper in the collection level? thank you!!

  13. i only have about 4 lines of code. this does not help. must have done something wrong

  14. I know Hand On Feedback is a good way for people to leave reviews and comments about products or businesses through text message. I highly recommend using their business if you need more customer reviews.

  15. What the way you can add fake reviews

  16. Hello, please can you help me to learn how create a date picker and calendar to book tours

  17. i dont have as much code as you mine dosnt even have the description code

  18. Thank you, I couldn't work out how to do it until I found this. You helped me a lot!!! 😀

  19. Thank you for making these videos. My store is looking much more professional now after follow through on all your vids.

    Thanks a lot!!! 😀

  20. Thank you very much!! So helpful!

  21. I thank you. Helped a lot.

  22. awesome video 🙂 easy step by step programming. Do you know anything about alireview by any chance?
    I'm using aliereview as well. Is there any way I can import reviews for all products listed on my website instead of adding each aliexpress iteam url using the liereview app? I'm not sure if it's a paid feature. If so I'm willing to pay for it.

  23. Thank you very much! Very helpful. :*

  24. Thanks for the informations really helpfull. But how if we want to make a review with a picture?

  25. hey good video. Can you explain me how i get the stars an the quantity of the reviews alongside the price and not uder zhe produktdesription?

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