How to Set Up Shopify – Dropshipping with Oberlo

How to Set Up Shopify – Dropshipping with Oberlo


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😍The definitive answer for anyone wondering how to Setup Shopify while dropshipping with Oberlo. 🛒

Join David from Oberlo as he walks you through every step of the process to create a Shopify store and connect it to your Oberlo account. The entire journey takes less than 50 minutes, and at the end of it you’ll know how to setup Shopify and you’ll have a full-fledged Shopify dropshipping store ready to welcome customers and take sales! How about that? Now there’s no need to seek help on how to build a Shopify store – all of the tips, tricks, and best practices are waiting for you in this video. Simply fire up two tabs – one for Shopify, one for Oberlo – and then set up a Shopify store like a pro.

This Oberlo video is perfect for Shopify beginners: David walks you through this easy-to-follow Shopify tutorial using understandable language – no jargon! And he explains the reasoning for each decision he made to build his Shopify dropshipping store. If you’ve needed a Shopify tutorial to finally get your dropshipping business off the ground and up and running, then this is it! Just open two new tabs and start your Shopify dropshipping store with Oberlo today. Your first sale has never been closer!

Resources mentioned in How to Build a Shopify Store in 2018 :muscle:

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  1. Is Oberlo good for me here in the UK?

  2. Could you guys do a video on HS codes.

  3. playback speed 1.5 thank me later

  4. Thank you. very helpful. One question the verified suppliers on oberlo deliver accross all countries? And if so how i know how much the delivery charges? so i can setup my rates accordingly

  5. My Oberlo does not show the shipping methods as the video explain. The only filters I see is the price and order count on the left of the screen.

  6. Also can you use any images of people In leggings that you found on the internet. Or did you have to get permission to use them.

  7. Hi David. Excellent info-thank you. I've watched two Shopify videos and I am wondering why you guys don't go over the most difficult part? Navigation!

  8. Would this work in the uk

  9. I would like to know that does Oberlo also manage returns and cancellations automatically?

  10. Hi, thanks for the video. How do I set up the pricing of the products correctly? I did as you showed in the video but then in "manage" orders" there is a section where it shows me what I pay to the supplier and the real cost of my product. Let's say my product is 11 box and what I pay to the supplier is 50. How can I fix this? Thanks.

  11. Ever wonder if your I.S.P. is ripping you off? We did a test with several Speed Test options, on our Xfinity Internet connection, and the results are very alarming. Are you experiencing variations in your internet speeds? @t < – – – Link should work…Thanks everyone

  12. What if I am in UK and have my own product designs with my own stock? Thanks

  13. Hi! nice video, I watched your full video and inspired me to make an online store this tuitorial and information help me a lot, I have only one question In the last part when you ordering an item of your customer to the supplier, what happen to the original price of the product?,I mean is this reflect to the invoice of the product? because when you put profit on that product you have different price right? I hope this will reach you.
    Thank you, best of luck and more power.

  14. Great video! Can you make another video with paid ads

  15. Exactly what I was looking for. Great detail, out of the many I have seen. Thank you.

  16. Hey there…This is a video I have been searching for – OUTSTANDING!!!
    2 questions if I may?
    First, you mention in reply to a viewers question that a credit card is used to pay the supplier once an order is placed from my store so that product in turn will be shipped out to my customer who ordered from my store. Is paying the supplier by use of credit card, the only method of payment available? In your tutorial, you showed mAny different methods of payment we could choose to accept when a product is purchased from the store we (you created. In other words, does the supplier also give different methods be paid by me (you) such as PayPal for example apposed to credit card? It wasn’t mentioned in your tutorial that the supplier could offer other methods, just credit card.
    Second, I get Oberlo did not or does not want representatives offering this information freely but….once I have a Shopify store established, is Oberlo my ONLY option to use to put products to sell on my Website? Can I attach some product from Oberlo, some from Aliexpress, some from many other sites like those. I assume I can but it wasn’t mentioned in detail like Oberlo was, which is totally understandable but, just curious if I can use multiple platforms doing it the same way you taught us if using Oberlo only? Thanks again, you did great 👍

  17. Where do you get the secondary or supporting images that you added to your mock store?

  18. What kind of Aliexpress account should be used with Oberlo? Will a normal account work or do we need to use a seller's account?

  19. Not sure how I'm missing it but can find how to remove the text from the header that says " An introductory Hero Banner". Help! lol

  20. Hey, good video, but at the beginning, you edit the product description. I'm not really sure what to put there, any advice?

  21. Hi David, I can't see the shipping method and warehouse location in my Oberlo interface. might you show me? please

  22. Does oberlo work for England

  23. Excellent video and amazing content.

  24. Quick question so do I have to pay for the supplies up front to publish in my store?

  25. This is really amazing and helpful video! Thanks for providing value to DropShipping entrepreneurs.

    If someone need help in getting first sales and if you are with low investment I will help you from my experience for free, you

    can thank to this mate who uploaded this video for you with helpful content I just want also to help others. Im official Shopify

    partner. I will not bill you one single cent and I'll teach you to work with free traffic. Check my pinned link/video on channel.

    Im not selling anything, just want to help.

  26. I register two day before on oberlo .oberlo does not give payment card detail option on supplier option .what i do ? please reply…

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