How to setup Mega Menu in Shopify Themes

How to setup Mega Menu in Shopify Themes


How to setup Mega Menu in your shopify store


  1. Dear Mr. Musa can I contact you very important

  2. I do the same as you but there is no child menu
    Please just help with, thanks

  3. so how would I set up sub menus for my layout which is Catalog – Men- Women where I want to add Leather Watches, Luxury watches, etc under men?

  4. For those having issues; this video is just his tutorial of how to create the actual menu. To 'link' this to your store products or collections, see at 3:20 in the video it has "Name = Green shirt?" Beside that, it has "Link = Home page." This is the drop down menu which you use to link your products.

    Essentially you would choose the collection "shirts" then filter by tags for green shirts. For red shirts, you select the same category, 'shirts', then filter by the tag 'red'. This is why descriptively tagging your products is so essential. Have a try with your store, you will soon get the hang of it!

  5. Thank you for creating this video. This works great…up to the point you left off.:(Does anyone know how to finish linking this hot mess?

  6. i did the same but its not working any solution ???

  7. How to connect megamenu in shopify

  8. You forgot the last step man. How to connect everything in Navigation MEGA DROPDOWN

  9. I tried the same way , But Its not working

  10. Question Musa! Does the subcategory name like at "3:40" for your shirt example, where you have "Shirt Menu" in the Name section then, "Shirt" in handle and then for each menu item you have red shirt, green shirt etc, I noticed you have shirt in each of the names, is that a requirement for them to link?

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