How To Setup Shopify (Beginner Checklist for Shopify Dropshipping)

How To Setup Shopify (Beginner Checklist for Shopify Dropshipping)



In todays video I show you how to setup a shopify store with a simple step by step checklist for success. If you’re a dropshipping beginner these are the must haves to be successful with a shopify dropshipping business.

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  2. Very nice little (quick) overview of basics, James. Good idea, well done. Thanks!

  3. iv found a free and effective way to make money on Shopify by dropship from aliexpress and eBay making currently from this free course 4.2K a month I believe it's not a lot but still, it's knowledge I acquire for FREE

  4. Hi James, a huge issue that not many ppl talk about is payment processors/payment gateways. Firstly, if you look at the fine print with PayPal, Stripe etc they don't like and won't support dropshipping. So, even if you fly under the radar and go ahead with them anyway, there is a good chance they'll close your account as has happened with several of my clients. They'll quote 'too many chargebacks' or pretty much any excuse and that their decision is final, and to be clear, even when you've had 500 orders, 3 chargebacks (actually disputes 2 of which were refunded, the 3rd never engaged at all with the business) and have solid terms and conditions and a strong customer support setup, the likes of Paypal will still shut you down if they feel like it. 'We don't support your business model'. Then there's also retained or held back funds, for up to 180 days and a significant proportion of revenue. It's not easy. Would really appreciate your experience on this. Which processor are you using and what problems have you encountered, what is your advice?

  5. How do you set up these Apps to the shopify store? Thanks for the video!

  6. You forgot Facebook Pixel.

  7. Can i setup a shopify store using debit card and use debit card for daily transaction ? My debit card got Visa

  8. Just bought the $495 course can’t wait to work this out

  9. hi there James….can you teach me how to change the existing domain name to new domain name in the same store without change the setting and website content..i bought domain name from third party

  10. another really valuable vid. do you recommend skipping instagram influencers and going straight into fb ads with an unseasoned pixel?i have a general store and im worried my pixel data will get all mixed up with the different products i have. is this true?

  11. But in your link of setting up a Shopify store is says the trial is 14 days and not 21 as you are saying.

  12. do you run conversion purchase right away?

  13. "Amy is awesome"
    Also, is V4 going to cost 6k$?
    And what happens to the people in the old Ecom Domination? Do they get access to V4, do they need to pay the difference?
    Great video though!
    Thank you for your time.

  14. James coming through with the value once again! Hoping to provide my subs with just as much value!

  15. great video! ordermetrics is essential 😀 i would lose so much money without it 😀

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