How To Start A Shopify Store With No Money – Starting Shopify from $0

How To Start A Shopify Store With No Money – Starting Shopify from $0

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In this video I am going to show you How To Start A Shopify Store With No Money.

Software shown in the Video (VideoSniper Pro):

I will go into detail on how to do it without any investment whatsoever relying 100% on free traffic methods only.

This is basically a Shopify 101: Learn how to create a Shopify Store so you can open an ecommerce site easily and make money online even if you have ZERO skills as a website designer or coder.

All you have to do is make sure that you follow these 3 steps:

1) Realize that paid traffic will be very hard for you to use in the beginning.

2) Use Instagram Influencers to get free traffic that you can later on retarget

3) Use Free Youtube Traffic that will help you to sell high ticket items in your store.

Also the thing is somebody emailed me and asked me How To Start A Shopify Store With No Money, so I just created this video right here.

Now you got everything you need to Learn how to create a Shopify store and make over $10,000 in your first month.

So now you know How To Start A Shopify Store With No Money be sure to like this video and see you soon.


  1. Michael, I've been your follower for some years now and has got result through every of your videos and training you have been releasing. They are very insightful, educating and easy to apply. You have never been selfish with your knowledge which others do, but rather you always over deliver. You're a Chanel of blessing as God has destined you to be. Thank you for this great liberation course that you've just release again. You're a great mentor.

  2. This videos are awesome I love it you the best

  3. Thanks, still ill have to pay shopify for website.

  4. 30-50% per sale to instagram influencers…? good bye profit margins

  5. hi please i will love to win this course cause i have always dream of being a 6 figure earner and all my effort failled , i got scamed in many ways

  6. Vry nice…love you

  7. This isnt FREE! . Check my method.

  8. It costs money to use Shopify. Yea you can do Shopify free for 14 days but after that there is no way you can do it for free.

  9. I've approached 62 Instagram influencers, some with large followings and some with small. NONE of them accepted any attempt to 'barter' for an ad or shout out. Every single one wanted money. I'm not saying the advice is wrong, I'm just saying that maybe influencers have woken up and realise how valuable their resource is. This video was last year so could be an indicator of how much has changed?

  10. Is it available in my country ?.Philippines?

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  12. Fuck you, rip off artist. pushing bullshit info in order to sell your product

  13. Don’t you need money for a plan , apps and domain

  14. Always good to know someone can you help you in any financial situation – you truly are a blessing giving free knowledge out and in return having giving this knowledge the world will bring you great things truly appreciate you.

  15. ​Thank you,

    just i have a small question here: when i have 0 dollars in my paypal account then i list an item from for example Aliexpress to ebay costs 10$ and a client purchased it, so he sanded me this 10$ , so here how i can bay it from Aliexpress where i can't send money because of paypal jail (with 0$ account) because the client won't wait me that long period (3 or 7 days & up), so please give me a solution just to sort from the beginning.

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  17. The moment he said 'You'll fail if you start with paid ads' I liked and also subscribe.

  18. Hi there I’m just getting started in this business and still learning but want to be successful at it!

  19. please I could use a miracle and will do anything to get it! I'm a idiot I ran a cat rescue till one day I got disabled doing it and been looking to find a way to support my family since but it seems I been scammed more times than I like to admit and we are street bound unless a miracle hapnneses! so I will try you and pray you will be my knight in shining armor and if you are I will follow you anywhere

  20. Hey Michael, I would love to win your course book b/c I recently lost my job do to a Wrongful Termination. My 4 person household is seriously struggling with only my husband's income. My car was repossessed on Valentine's Day during the dinner, and our hot water heater has been broken for 8 days now. My 2 teenagers are… Well teenagers lol. I've been wanting a stay at home job so I can be home for my family. My fingers are crossed. Thank you for all your videos. You are an amazing mentor. Thank you for your time.

  21. You are a very nice well dressed Man I like all your videos and I really wanna learn how to drop ship on shoptify store and make a lot please and thank you have a very well and blessed day see ya soon

  22. You just got a BRAND NEW SUBSCRIBER muyyy maan!! Feel feeee!

  23. YouTube isn't easy to generate traffic.

  24. I do really want to start a shopify however I'm not familiar with it. If u can contact me and help me to start my shopify I would really appreciate it.

  25. What the fuck really loved this video

  26. Thanks for this video 👍🏾

  27. realli cool, like this lesson

  28. thanks for the ideas, now i hope i will get millions of millions after millions of billions.

  29. I had passed thru this video, AMAZING ! THANK YOU! This had helped me get started on my Shopify.. still dealing with some challenges, but you have helped me thru your other videos of how to lunch off !

  30. Hey,

    My name is Johnny and I‘m 16 years old. I have been my whole life in Highschool but don’t see the sense of it. I don’t want to have a 9-5 job for my whole life and don’t really enjoy it. That’s why I want to be successful in the Shopify business and feeding me right now with knowledge ;). I would be really glad to do your course since I‘m starting with 0$ and can’t get any money from my parents. I also want to help them out financially.

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