2019 Update: How to start a Shopify Clothing Store. I want to teach you how to create a clothing line from startup to a successful brand. Learn tips and tricks in this video.



In this video I explain exactly how to start a six figure clothing line with Shopify. The tutorial shows how you can start with little to no money by working with a print on demand service. This can also be done through private labeling with Alibaba. Once you create a website through Shopify and market your clothing line using facebook ads in combination with influencers you can create a well known brand through a demographic that is not being exploited.

Like this video if you want to see part 2 to marketing your clothing line.


  1. do you have the name of the theme of alphalete ??

  2. Two questions! much appreciated bro🤙🏽
    1) Do you have to pay for that placeit website and is it copyright if you use the photos?
    2) Also, when you move to aliexpress, how do you get that 5-7 day shipping like in printful?

  3. So you don’t have to pre order in bulk with printful?

  4. Thank you for sharing this information!!

  5. Hey Mike, how do I advertise it???

  6. Wait so what you're saying is, you ask them to sell it individually to your customers, but once you you've got a reliable stream of products you copy the design and get an alibaba supplier to sell your products?

  7. How do you create a logo for your brand where do you go to create that logo that you need for your T-shirt brand

  8. dam bro this really helped thanks

  9. Omg that “place it” website is AWESOME. So helpful and saving on precious time. Thank you 🙏🏼

  10. Thank you for this knowledge

  11. So is printful like an aliexpress as in they will take the customers order which they got from our Shopify store and send it directly to them without us touching a thing?

  12. Great info, thanx, U have a very pleasant voice also.

  13. Soooo helpful man thank you so much!

  14. Where can I buy in bulk but ALSO get the branding services to go with the dropshipping? Alibaba doesn't provide that type of personalized branding as Printful, unless I'm wrong ? And Printful is not a good option to buy in bulk. So how can I get the capability to do both -buy bulk/customize packaging/branding for dropshipping?

  15. Thank You so much! "Place it" took a lot of pressure off of me just now. I have like 6 days left before my shopify trial ends and I really need to get my clothing brand launched. Thank you so much for your help.

  16. Man I started a clothing line with printful and I never knew about place it. This is genius . Thanks man.

  17. do you have any other places to recommend if i wanted to get my logo printed besides printful? Also your video was very good and informative, i just subscribed.

  18. This is confirmation, I am setting up printful/shopify! That "Place It" share was a cool bonus!👍Also, did you update this same video? Anyhow, keep up the good work ✌

  19. Thank you so much !!!! Youre amazing greetings from Germany. We work hard and get what we want. Keep it up. Stay High be the number 1.

  20. placeit is 29/month??? Is there any free ones to start with?

  21. This was very good and very informative. Thank you my man 🙏🏽 hope to sell y’all my brand soon

  22. this is really helpful actually

  23. So what’s best to register your business under when selling clothes through Shopify

  24. How do I make a logo I have ideas just need to no how

  25. Couple of issues here… Foremost, Chris Guzman of Alphalete initially self branded himself via Youtube…. People got to KNOW him , then LIKE him , and finally TRUST him … He had a knack for transparency, giving his audience the best content he was capable of giving… That quality migrated towards when he was coming up with his products… If you look into his earlier videos , you can do massive case study on how he was going about the marketing and quality control of his clothing line… he created design AND quality that major fitness sports wear brands were lacking…. Another primary example is GymShark… they didn’t just go to Alibaba and threw on their design… their clothes are actually custom made with materials they wanted… Most Alibaba products are poor cheap quality …. Take a $5 Walmart shirt and compare with a $40 Banana republic shirt and notice the threading count , quality and stitching… Your information is extremely general and a bit misleading at best

  26. The person who’s said this is not good information, I believe they don’t have good business since, because this was very good information. Thank you for the information.

  27. You are awesome! Thanks for the tips!

  28. I dont think this was good information in the beginning, I personally will not buy a product that is not well thought out with design. If you dont put some kind of effort in your brand or design you don’t deserve my money

  29. Great video thank you. Does printful do great quality tee's like American apparel? Quality is key for my brand.. thank you..

  30. Great advice. Going to try this

  31. the hack of all hacks!! thank you for

  32. Just found you! The tip about placeit is huge

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  34. thank you my friend for this. Really quality content right here.

  35. Live fit doesnt use printful

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    Best regards,
    Harry Vũ

  37. In regards to what if you have a certain style of shirt? Can you somehow put that on the model too? So people can see the fit?

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