How To Use 2Checkout To Process Payments On Your Shopify Store

How To Use 2Checkout To Process Payments On Your Shopify Store


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Today we go over how to get started with 2Checkout as a payment gateway for your Shopify store. This payment processor works for over 200 different countries, especially important if your country does not work with Shopify Payments.

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  1. HELP! I’m trying to create a Shopify store and will have a bank account in South Korea but it seems like 2CO is the only payment merchant available there is for the country…

  2. Do they accept credit and debit cards?

  3. hello dude,
    thanks for this valuable content !

    however i have a small inquiry about the chargeback you talked about at the end of the video..
    so if a customer purchases a product from my store, and complete the transaction fully, then he doesn't like the product for whatever reasons and asks for his money back, I then would have to pay $25 to 2checkout ?!!

  4. i'am from morocco
    and i like your content

  5. How long does 2checkout take to approve the online business? becuase
    I'm from guyana and I can't use PayPal to received money for my company's service and I don't have any other way to reviewed money for my company's servies.

  6. does the customer needs to also have a 2CO account to pay me?

  7. Does 2CO assess rolling reserves?

  8. Bulshit waste of time

  9. Your video title is not same to video content. Sorry to say you wasted my time.

  10. activating 2checkout in my country is NIGHTMARE…2 hours pass still didn;t do it…

  11. just a random 2checkout review:

    fuj you 2checkout, fuj you and all your kind. those people are scammers.., I got accpeted and made over 17,000USD in 4month. I paid alot of money for advertisement. I had great dreams and my baby was just born few month ago. I really needed this. I needed the money so that I could restock my store. But it been waiting for the settlement for over 5months still nothing., my business is closed and now am broke. I tryed everything with my power. I prayed to God to give strength till I receive the money. but no customer support and no settlement. then finally I cant even access my c-panel anymore I got blocked.

    so if you are a complete iddiot and you carenothing about your future. use 2checkout.

  12. the reviews on trustpilot are kinda scary

  13. worst Payment ever !!! they don't answer the phone and emails. They don't transfer the money it's a scam!!! Don't try it !!!

  14. Stay away from this scam company, you will thank me later

  15. Can you make a more in depth step by step video on how to set up 2 checkout payment provider in shopify? because I feel like all the stuff you said can be easily found in the 2checkout website. Just an honest feedback from me.

  16. Why do not you put a link?

  17. Thanks

    Brennan Valeski
    for your informative video but 2checkout doesn't work for me amin Africa ( Cameroun ) please can you recommend me another option.?

  18. 2checkout asks me for government documents and im trying to open an online store wtf

  19. ERROR CODE:PE102
    Same shit

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