How We Generated $172k On Shopify! FIRST MONTH In E-Commerce

How We Generated $172k On Shopify! FIRST MONTH In E-Commerce


How We Generated $172k On Shopify! FIRST MONTH In E-Commerce
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If you’re looking to make more money or looking to start a business then this video is for you. The truth is the best opportunity of 2018 is to start an online business doing affiliate marketing without a doubt. Now athough this video doesn’t teach you how to start an online business or work from home it will teach you the importance of starting an online affiliate marketing business for sure.

Most entrepreneurs who are looking to make money online don’t know where to start and that’s why Samir Chibane decided to record this video. Samir never started an online business until he got a hold of Shopify and drop shipping products from Ali Express.

Starting an internet business in 2018 is easier than ever because there is so many online affiliate marketing business ideas. but if you need some online business ideas than Samir would recommend you look into Shopify for sure.

👋ABOUT THIS CHANNEL: Samir Chibane is an entrepreneur channel full of golden nuggets and online business advice ! Most of these educational videos were filmed in Los Angeles, California but some were taken place in other corners of the world ! Whether you’re looking for a mentor, teacher , or advisor Samir Chibane has plenty of awesome videos to offer you! Get ready, grab your laptop, and make some money online! #InternetMoney

SAMIR CHIBANE is a college dropout that became young entrepreneur who went from broke to building a 7 figure online business all thanks to internet marketing and ecommerce. He has made killing on Shopify and make money from home and also make money while traveling. Samir has made a commitment to document and share his journey to the top. He hopes to touch millions of young entrepreneurs through his personal struggles, failures, and successes.

Samir is breaking out of obscurity by providing more value and relevant content than anyone else!

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  1. So do you dropship decaptitated heads to your homeys back home?

  2. Great story! Keep it up 🙂 We also would like to help you all with your Shopify store. On you will get a daily task on how to grow your Shopify business 🙂

  3. You got to start being real and more transparent. You showed screen shots. Screen shots can be faked to easily. $172k was for sales and not for your profit. Your profit out of that was probably about $15000.

  4. Samir you sure you didn't edit that then took a ss? XDDD

  5. Hey Samir, I wanted to thank you for all of the videos you've been posting. I've recently had my biggest day ($6,714.66) and I have to say your videos helped a lot. I actually made a video explaining how I did it, you should check it out. Good luck everyone!

  6. Fuck haters do your thing my man!

  7. Hello, your course still works? Or you are going to have a new course?

  8. Thumbnail is fake, you got it from Google images lmao. #Exposed

  9. This from a general store, general niche store, or niche store? Thanks! PS. Do you form a new LLC for each new store or how do you go about this for being a real legal business? PEACE!

  10. Can you help me with my Shopify website not making any sales please?

  11. How do I get ur caoching on shopify

  12. you hurricane logo on your company shirt for the solar door to door is roughly similar in design to one of the companies i tried making. Me and you got some similarities shaka

  13. Dope man! Did 14k days myself but your conversion rates look crazy hot!

  14. my boyy i have a question:who is making the orders because i see u have thousands of orders

  15. Hi Samir.. I must ask, if I create an online store with shopify, based on dropshipping, i am supposed to register the store somewhere, or i must pay taxes? What are all steps to open an online store?

  16. What do you think works best with door to door skills cause i want to improve my communication skills

  17. You deserve that! That's a lot of hard work you put in…. that's awesome 👏

  18. How do u get involved or in business I should say with a dropshipper? Like basically how do u get the business started?

  19. How do you fulfill all the orders ? Do you hire a VA ?

  20. Very Happy I found your channel
    I am a door to door salesman (I sell solar panels) But I want to transition out

  21. Thank you for showing this, it is really motivational.

  22. #1 stay on track. Make a list of what you want to talk about. Jumping all over the place just turns people away, be included.
    #2 i'm no English major but, your grammar is terrible. It's not "me and Juan", it's Juan and I. You sound less educated than a third grader.
    #3 it is very clear, with the lack of valuable content, that all you want people to do is sign up for your courses. If your courses are as basic as this video, you're just taking advantage of people who are looking for a way to get ahead.

  23. Your Videos are Litt my brother

  24. Please help
    And tell how to do dropshiping in india using alibaba , AliExpress
    And how to make payments because alibaba is not accepting paypal

  25. How much is your avg sale?

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