Image zoom + product video app for your Shopify store

Image zoom + product video app for your Shopify store


Add a product image zoom app to your Shopify store in minutes:

Magic Zoom Plus is a powerhouse for product image galleries. Each product image is zoomed on hover and enlarged on click, giving customers gorgeous close up details of your products.


Magic Zoom Plus supports product videos too!

Stand out from your competition, display any YouTube video or Vimeo video as part of your product image gallery. Product videos are a wonderful marketing tool for attracting customer attention.

Help customers imagine themselves using your product. Product videos are a great way to quickly deliver your message, and even drive traffic to your Shopify store:

Magic Zoom Plus + Video demo

Often products come in multiple colours, style and sizes which is why Product Variants are a popular feature on e-Commerce stores. Out-of-the-box, Magic Zoom Plus supports Shopify Product Variants.

Every image option of each product displays a detailed zoom. The enlarged effect is excellent on desktop screens and perfect for mobile devices with smaller screen sizes.

As well as being an image zoom app, product video app and supporting Product Variants out of the box, Magic Zoom Plus is completely responsive no matter which device your customers use to shop online, your image galleries will always look exactly as you intended.

All this for a one-off price!

No monthly fees. Magic Zoom Plus is a one-off price of just USD 69. Pay once and Magic Zoom Plus is yours forever!


Your e-Commerce requirements may need the optional features Magic Zoom Plus offers. Not included in the one-off cost, but may be the answer you’re looking for to complete your Shopify store.

Optional extras available are:

– Magic Scroll (image carousel)
– Sirv 360 spin (hosting service)

For example: Your product page may look messy if you have lots of thumbnail images, and you would prefer to contain the thumbnails in one area using an image carousel.

Magic Scroll is an image carousel which keeps thumbnail images tidy under the main product image. Customers scroll using arrows on either side of the carousel. Easily enabled on the Magic Zoom Plus Settings page, all customers receive £10 discount off Magic Scroll.

If a 360 Photography studio has photographed your products in 360 degrees, you’ll need a 360 product viewer to display the spins on your Shopify product pages. Use Sirv 360 to display a 360 spin alongside your product images & videos.

Showing a 360 degree spin on your Shopify product page is an important promotional technique which boosts your product pages and provides customers with immediate confidence in your items.

For step-by-step instructions of how to add a 360 spin to each product page visit:

Magic Zoom Plus supports all Shopify themes.

If your product images don’t zoom immediately after installing Magic Zoom Plus, that’s okay. Just click the red ‘Restore files’ button and send us a link or login to your store. We’ll make Magic Zoom Plus work on any theme. Free of charge!

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