Keycult No.1 Rev.1 Reveal/Build Stream

Keycult No.1 Rev.1 Reveal/Build Stream


Keyboard: Keycult No.1 Rev.1
Switches: Cherry MX Black (lubed)
Keycaps: GMK Solarized

Gears List:

Dixie Mech:
NovelKeys: – Promo code: “nk types” for 5% off
Switchmod: – Get 4% off (applied at checkout)

#keycult #mechanicalkeyboard #taehatypes


  1. I keep re watching this wishing i was able to got one from the raffle…

  2. that all black board is fucking beautiful

  3. Wish my keyboard would sound like that, any suggestions??

  4. Taeha, What is your paracord color and 2nd sleving color on your type-c cable, it's so beautiful

  5. that clicky sound! myfg, never built a keyboard before but after watching this i might just start looking into it.

  6. New mouse I haven’t seen your recent vids

  7. Great looking keyboard. Have Cherry Blacks been upgraded/revised? It's been a while since I tried them, and they were awful, but these sound nice. I thought only vintage blacks were smooth.

  8. бля пиздец пацаны помогите выучить английский нихуя не понимаю

  9. Great Vid! Wondering where you get your mouse pads from especially the cherry blossom one???!

  10. 130 likes 0 dislikes
    You deserve this comunity

  11. Ive been loving these vids as theyre super chill and relaxing.

    I was wondering what you think of topre switches?

  12. What do you prefer? Zealios v2 or Tealios v2 ?

  13. do you think those gmk keycaps would fit on a filco TKL? I'm asking this because I've heard about people having problems fitting thick keycaps onto the filco costar stabs

  14. I love your streams and your videos keep it up! Also I was wondering if Krytox GPL 205 is fine for tactile switches?

  15. 커서 태하아조씨처럼 되는것이 저의 장래희망입니다

  16. i just can not find a cable usb type c for my ducky one 2 mini i need help!!!

  17. Do you have any recommendations for getting starting with the mechanical keyboard hobby?

  18. 41:00 where can I find this piece of art?

  19. Great stream as always.
    What do you think about the HHKB JP?

  20. im getting more into mechs but dont understand why this is like $500. realistically is it just the case? because the pcb offers nothing you cant find elsewhere for cheaper

  21. I Love your streams man! Keep up the good work

  22. Weird question, does the rotation of the stabilizer matter? As in which way the metal bar goes

  23. Why you wear headset like that, Im sure it must feel annoying.

  24. Hey Nathan, Nathan here to say keep up the good work.

  25. Ever done a keyboard with RGB/backlighting?

  26. May have seen this live but goddamnit I'm gonna watch it again. And expect more gifted subs from me man. THE WORLD SHALL KNOW TAEHATYPES OR MY NAME AINT CHORTLEMYSQORTLE

  27. that board is fuckin sexy

  28. So glad I caught this stream and dropped a twitch sub.

    Edit: Dropped around 39:15

  29. Hmm their raffle system is such a pain ;(
    🙁 never going to own a keycult board i guess

  30. ok serious whats the mouse pad

  31. I prefer the lines of the No. 2

  32. I love these, so chill to watch. Keep on keeping, matey!

  33. I finally just realized you streamed on twitch not YouTube. I have been watching my notifications for the last 2-3 weeks so I could join your streams live. I feels bad man.

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