Kit Shopify App HONEST Review!

Kit Shopify App HONEST Review!


Kit Shopify App HONEST Review!
Today I reviewed the shopify app kit. I think a lot of people are aware of the kit shopify app, yet they are not truly sure what it does, and how the kit shopify app actually works. So, I break down whether you should use the kit shopify app, and how it works!

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  1. Thanks for the support guys! Please subscribe to my channel for more app reviews!

  2. Thank you. Pretty much answered my question in one short video 🙂

  3. I started using kit but get much bigger engagement rates with my own custom ads. However, I do like Kit's quick and dirty product feature style ads. And, according to kit person, people who interact with my own ads can be retargeted with their tool. Waiting to see how well that works.

  4. That was great just what I needed to hear – I noticed when I integrated kit I couldn't access publishing to my page? Do they just take over? Thankfully I have pages app installed and can still do it from there until I work out how to get my access back lol

  5. Hi, do you know how I can delete the facebook pixel for kit in my business manager? Thank you

  6. Can I contact you please ??

    Ok bro tell me how this kit app create ads which data they look at and create the ads for our products ??

  7. Ok let's say I have data I have good audience then. Can I use kit bro reply me please waiting

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