MAILCHIMP TUTORIAL 2018 – How To Use Mailchimp From Start To Finish Step by Step

MAILCHIMP TUTORIAL 2018 – How To Use Mailchimp From Start To Finish Step by Step


Learn How To Use Mailchimp Step by Step. Although this tutorial was recorded mid last year it is still uptodate with the latest Mailchimp layout for 2019. This Complete Mailchimp tutorial for beginners shows you how to send a automated campaign and regular campaign as well as importing contacts and creating lists. How to create autoresponders and customized embedded sign up forms as well as much more. Start email marketing with mailchimp for free today.

In this mailchimp video tutorial, you will learn how you can create your own campaigns for free and start sending emails to your subscribers in simple and easy steps! We will create lists for your email marketing campaigns. You will also learn how to create templates for your email marketing campaign step by step with mailchimp. Its really easy to use this service and its a free email marketing service as well.



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1:26 – Part 1: Create Your Mailchimp Account

2:15 – Part 3 – Create Mailchimp Lists

4:03 – Part 8: Add Contacts to your Email List

09.26 – Part 4: Sign up Forms (General forms)

17:56 – Part 5: Auto-responder (Send a Gift to subscribers for signing up)

35:12 – Part 6: Embedded sign up form

34:07 – Part 6: Add Google Analytics to Mailchimp

35:50 – Part 7: Create Email Templates

40:53 – Part 9: Send a Regular Mailchimp Campaign

50.36: – Part 10: Send a Send a Automated Campaign

01:00.00 – Part 11: How To Analyze Your Mailchimp Reports


★How to Import Subscribers to your List ★:

★How To Add Custom Embedded Sign Up Forms To your Website★:

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1) Google Analytics for Beginners:

2) How to create groups / segments for your MailChimp subscribers:…

3) How to create an Email account for your website domain:…

4) How to send a free electronic GIFT to subscribers:…

5) How to customize your OPTIN form for $5 with fiverr :

6) How To Record Your Computer Screen:…

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  1. Hi Naturalvita, do you provide MailChimp marketing services to small businesses and for how much?

  2. Hi Naturalvita, a Brilliant tutorial, on how to use mailchimp. Thank you

  3. Awesome Tutorial! I have watched this tutorial so many times because I'm a slow learner. Please reply to my question because I'm your loyal subscriber.

    When we create a list in MailChimp in the list details there is box for (Remind people how they signed up to your list) in this box you wrote (you signed up to our newsletter to receive your free gift, I hope you like it) my question is I don't have a subscribers list. I collected Emails from Linkedin and different websites. Kindly tell me what I have to write in this box?

  4. some links on the description are unavailable

  5. When I copy my embedded code and paste in my site it's just displaying the code text and not the subscription button

  6. Thank you for Making this! Can I take my subscribers from 1 list ads put them onto a new list? I just started watching video. This was just 1 question I have. Thank you!

  7. Thank you. Clear and Precise. A very well explained tutorial!

  8. Simple and effective presentation, thanks a lot

  9. Thanks for posting. Should I already have a domain to set up a MailChimp account? If so, can I set up forms in Wix whose data may be synced with MailChimp later?

  10. Thank you–such a great tutorial, and I love your accent! 🙂 I had one question: it seems that I cannot use different pictures for the different emails: Signup, Confirm, and Welcome. Is there a way around it? For the signup email I would want to use a graphic that says, "Free gift with signup!" but I obviously wouldn't want that to be showing for the confirming or welcome emails!

  11. Naturalvita: I am on minute 2:32, where you mention that subscribers "can see the name of the list" (List Name) . Where can they see them?

  12. hlw, thanks very much for a great tutorial. I wanted to know if i use an embedded form in my website, how mail chimp is going to receive the first name and last name of my subscribers as there wasnt any options for obtaining those in the embedded forms format which was shown on the video , only the option to input email address was there..

  13. This is good, thank you 🙂

  14. this is a good tutorial 🙂 But I think the chapter links are slightly off. For e.g to skip to email templates it's more like 36:17 Would jsut make it easier to navigate around if they were accurate to the second (rather than 20 secs off).

  15. MailChimp have changed the whole layout of their campaign builder now. It is no longer a logical campaign builder with the various components now in random places. What do you think of this?

  16. MailChimp Tutorial ! Awesome video.Thanks.
    Looking for a Responsive,Editable,Professional MailChimp Email Template at only $5 ??? Contact here—

  17. love vegetable rice wraps as well

  18. Why doesn't my logo image display in the email? It has a link to click "display images" before my logo can be seen in the email.

  19. Excellent tutorial. Thank you! Saving for later too!

  20. Hi Naturalvita, could you please schow how can I make some pages visable only for subscribers. Would appriciate it.
    Thanks, Pauline

  21. This is not a step by step video for beginners. I am trying to learn email marketing, and could not understand why you were doing what you were doing. The video made no since to me. You went much too fast and didn't do a good job explaining why you were doing certain tasks and what the outcome would be.

  22. Is there and advantage to having files in Google drive over Mail Chimp?

  23. how do you add the one with the picture and get access onto your sidebar? that's what ive been trying to do

  24. Great stuff thank you very much! I have a question though. How come when I am changing the header section on my confirmation thank you page and the final welcome email it also changing my sign up page?

  25. No automation link in the free account but mailchimp said automation is now free for everyone? Also there interface is to broken up its difficult at best for newbies just to find where all these links are tucked away. EFFIN annoying

  26. Wow u got ur act together pretty woman. Your tutorial was very helpful.

  27. O loved (and used!) your tutorials!
    The only problem is something that simply do not work for my site: it's about the optin embed form.
    It shows perfectly on my landing page, but when I tested, it sent me to an other Mailchimp form with an error message saying the name was not filled up. After filling the name again on this new form, then everything works okay, but I just can't get rid of this unconfortable extra-step for my potential subscribers… can you help e there?

  28. I like to ask, about filling out my mailchimp, when it asks for your website, I have my wordpress site and facebook author site, which one should I put down. oh and also, when it as for your business name I wrote down my books name is that ok.

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