Make More Money With Shopify 🤯 (Nobody talks about this…)

Make More Money With Shopify 🤯 (Nobody talks about this…)


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  2. Can you explain how you deal with refunds when doing dropshipping please

  3. Do you have videos on what do once you receive an order. I use Oberlo and I don’t understand what to do with fulfillment or when to do it

  4. Amazing video:) Must have to pay every month clickfunnels and drip? Asking because I want to know the cost around that . Thank you from a father 3 kids at 47 that $400 per week solvew my problem! Thank you again from a Greek friend that is struggling with unemployment issues due to the Greek crisis:) Wish to have the amount thta you want in order to be in thta beta group…Will see:) Thanks again and again for your Value! Wish you the best in life:)

  5. Great info, Thanks Man!

  6. I wanna know what the right way to FB Ads for my Shopify store without get flagged, last time Facebook suspended my Ad account

  7. Need help bro i really need to learn this internet business, any books you recommend or link and is it good to go for affiliate marketing than dropshiping?

  8. I have an approved Shopify Affiliate account, ( took me a month and many try to get it approved ) but I am not using it … If anyone would like to buy the account can comment there offers.

  9. Thanks sir for this share am going to put this to use.. I paid $150 for a mentorship and i got nothing in return, The person promised me mentorship but left me to my own Faith, so am going to give this a trial then

  10. YES!!! Absolutely nailed it on the head about the “gurus”… they all claim to help get you to 5k a month… and as soon as you commit and use their link… they’re ghost… you ask for help they promised and they send you a link to the Shopify help tutorial blog…
    truth is, they got your money already… you used the link and now they don’t need you. They always throw around big numbers and products and blah blah blah, yet they don’t ever show you their store, or their products in “their store”
    They supposedly “want to help you succeed”, but to get more than a link to a free blog, you gotta fork out upwards of a grand for a “master course” unlocking “more secrets”
    Most of Those “gurus” are conmen and women who just feed off of the people looking for a “get rich quick overnight” pill, when the truth is that being an entrepreneur requires work.

    All that to say, yes, I agree with you about the “gurus” wearing out their welcome and souring the waters for new people to the business.

  11. So I would need to do a YouTube video first ?

  12. Is it easy to get approved for the affiliate program? Mine is pending because I thought it was kind of an automatic thing if you had a Shopify store. Everything else is ready to go.

  13. Another guru offering to buy his lies🙉

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