Make More Sales Dropshipping on Shopify by Removing This! 😍

Make More Sales Dropshipping on Shopify by Removing This! 😍


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If you take the time out the remove the text on your Shopify checkout page that says “Shipping & Taxes Calculated at Checkout” you will see an increase in sales and conversion in your store guaranteed!

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In this video, I’ll show you a simple trick that you should use to increase sales and conversions in your Shopify store.

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  2. We can supply service for drop shipping

  3. What payment gateway did you use to accept credit cards in Jamaica?

  4. Hey, can you please do a video on how to accept credit card payments on shopify if you're a Jamaican merchant?

  5. the easiest way to do is don't write your shipping policy at legal section (shipping policy). Write your shipping policy at page. Good luck

  6. You can remove this by going to themes – Actions – Edit Languages – Cart and remove the sentences it's easier than you think for me i use minimal theme and i think it works for all themes.

  7. Thank you so much for this information! Blessings to you!

  8. 9 hours im figuring to solve this problem and still

  9. Venture theme cant find ????

  10. For removing this message now (December 2018)-> Online Store-> Themes -> Edit language -> Code -> and there you can edit all!!!

  11. if you are using brooklyn theme this is how you do it:

    1:Go to Snippets > ajax-cart-template.liquid
    2:Remove in the line 109: {{ taxes_shipping_checkout }}
    3:Drop a like on this comment

  12. How do you remove 'Tax included. " below the product name on brooklyn? I cannot find a fixe…

  13. How did you add those three icons sayig shopify secure, mcafee secure, and satisfaction on your product page, would I be able to put this on the footer of my home page considering I use the brooklyn theme?

  14. You can do this in edit language now

  15. We can support quickly shipping method

  16. can someone help me please? i have the theme supply but i just cant find it?

  17. For some of you that are not finding it it might appear as "cart__taxes". Hope that helps.

  18. thank you! it worked 🙂 although now this template is inside templets section

  19. dddaaam brother you are good

  20. For people using supply theme i found where is the code…
    Press ctrl +f then type in search bar cart.general.taxes_extra
    Highlight from where the squiggly bracket starts to where it ends then press delete on keyboard 👍

  21. Or you could put "(if applicable)" after it. You may offer free shipping sometimes, other times you might not. I think it's important to let the customer know that shipping will be added on top when shipping is not free (to avoid surprises). Also, in that message, I have told them that discounts will be calculated at checkout as well; just so they know where their unique code needs to be inserted.

  22. When building my store I'm shipping from both China and the US. It's giving my customers that option as well. How do I remove that so they don't know the item is coming from china?

  23. when I type in cart__shipping nothing pops up. What should I do?

  24. Using Brooklyn free theme. I had to type in the search "cart.general.shipping_at_checkout." as the one in the video did not show up. 2018-July.

  25. for guys that cant find it just search cart.general.shipping_at_checkout

  26. n also tell me bro i want to remove postal code option in customer information

  27. i have supply theme … plz tell me who to delete code

  28. I had no idea, many thanks for the info.I look forward to more sale.

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