My $200,000 Facebook Ads Strategy For Shopify Using Lookalikes | Dropshipping 2019

My $200,000 Facebook Ads Strategy For Shopify Using Lookalikes | Dropshipping 2019


In this video I will show you how to best use LLAs for Facebook ads scaling

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In this video I will show you some Facebook ads ad sets that have generated over $200K advertising Shopify products on my dropshipping store. I will also show you this Facebook ads strategy using lookalikes to get more sales and further.

Lookalike Facebook audiences are critical to scaling your Facebook ads and winning products to the moon. So I am going to give you all of the lookalike audiences you should be creating, how to structure them and also when you should be creating them.

If you are dropshipping with shopify or want to make money with shopify then you need to watch this vid


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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.

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  1. Did you get some value from this one? If so drop a comment, I'll be around replying to them

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  2. Like always great content bro

  3. Hey I’m new to drop shipping. Do you have a video about beginners Facebook ads manager?

  4. Does anyone know of a way to create a brand name? The help would be appreciated

  5. I do also use lookalike strategy. But i do not rely only on facebook cause sometimes it's so dodgy, I also use free apps on shopify. They do also have some bugs and stuff but I do not have to worry about losing money for example for 10 hours straight while I'm sleeping 😀

  6. Dope “мишка» cap 🧢

  7. Good stuff man! Between you, your brother, and 🔥Connor Chapman🔥 I've been able to pull in over 30k in my first 3 months of drop shipping!

  8. Bro tell me facebook ad cheapest price

  9. the video was to be named how to create LAA , maybe next time show how to achieve this level of spending without inconsitencies

  10. Nice video bro. It's a shame that you have to give half your money to the government on taxes, that you could reinvest in your business instead. You should get advise on offshoring your business with #nomadcapitalist and reduce your taxes even all the way down to 0% legally.
    Great stuff once again, I've learnt heaps from your videos.

  11. Before starting FB ads I really want to create the "map" or steps what actions should I take and when with benchmarks. For eample: 1st start PPE campaign to check the Link CTR. If its under "X" then it means ad creative is poor. If above "X" you can use the ad in WC campaign. 2nd start WC campaign if no 3 purchases on 2 days kill the campaign. If there are 3 purchases in 2 days duplicate it. Etc… If could explain I dont know. Could you Harry prepare that blueprint or "actions map" as your checklist?

  12. Hi Harry, from your screens, it shows you seem to narrow down your LLA's. Example by Age or Gender. Is this correct as i had thought that you shouldn't really narrow down LLA's ? Great Video as always mate.

  13. great comprehensive dive into LAA's #valuebomb

  14. Need Winning Products Go too 🤑 EcomRama C0M

  15. Your knowledge 📚and Ecom Rama C0M is why I was able to quite my job.

  16. I get all my 💰Winnings Products for free from EcomRama C0M

  17. Massive like for the baseball hat <3

  18. I’ll be honest? I saw your ad and I never stay for the full ad (I always skip) , and I was like.. DAMN, he knows how to sell his program then he sure knows how to sell dropshipping.

  19. How do dropship agents prices comapare to aliexpress? Are you paying a slight premium price for faster processing and shipping times?

  20. Hey bro, fb banned one of my pages. Can I just make another one?


  22. Honestly why dont you show specifically how you do it in fb than show a PowerPoint presentation and talk about it I dont get its easier done than said

  23. Great video mate, quick tips for you guys.
    When you don't have the audience size showed up, rather than using the campaign data which can be a pain, you can check on the "Event section"
    So on your ad manager's menu, you click on "Pixels" then select your Pixel and from there you have all the events and data of your pixel.
    You can even refine the data and have more information by clicking on "View Analytics".

  24. Yo Harry thanks for the video , recently I got my daily budget raised from $5000 to $10000 a day. Do you go straight to like a 2k ad-set or gradually increase the budget ?

  25. Very informative. Easy to follow.

  26. thanks beast, can you please make the next #VALUEBOMB about targeting and behavior. "best practices". if you can make some examples for this would be great. this kind of videos are not really around so i guess this would be a great idea for you next #VALUEBOMB 😀 thanks again

  27. 🔥 How can I name a general store without using ‘gadget’ or deals?

  28. #BEASTGANG – great video. thank you very much. How do you scale a CBO? Increasing budget by editing oder duplicating it?

  29. Man, we need you to do a mastermind in your home country the UK, so your UK followers & subscribers can attend!! Not practical to go to US right now!

  30. 🔥I saw that you prefer more general stores instead of niche, I want to ask:
    1. Do you brand those stores?
    2. Are they normal ‘Deals gadget’ stores with timers and a lot of urgencies?
    3. Also which theme do you recommend? I tested 10 products already lost 1000$ on FB ads I really need your answers 😭

  31. How would you implement this with CBO? As we have only 2 months to enjoy adsets only lol

  32. #BEASTGANG! Excellent value & content as always. You remind me so much of one of my sons. ❤️

  33. Hello my dear i did follow ur videos i did like them too much therefore may i have your help as beginner !

  34. Great value as always! Thank you

  35. 🔥🔥🔥 as usual bro

  36. Great Video! If you have a general store, how do you create a LLA based on category or product?

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