NEW FREE Method To Find 2K/DAY Winning Products In 2019 In Minutes | Shopify Dropshipping

NEW FREE Method To Find 2K/DAY Winning Products In 2019 In Minutes | Shopify Dropshipping


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Finding winning products is the most important part to being successful in the ecommerce industry. Without a winning product you cannot proceed to scale your ads and really start making money.

That is why I present another FREE Tool to Find Winning products quickly and easily in 2019. It is called Aiveera, which you can find here

It is a tool to help you find winning products on aliexpress, quickly, easily and for FREE! How many products do we know we have seen someone market, but unable to find on aliexpress due to the search terms? Yeah, I know I have had that a lot myself.

That is why I found out about this tool, had to present it to you all to help you in your journey’s to find a winning product to scale.

Oh, and yes, that is my latest BRAND store that is crushing it now back on track for 5-10k days. It was the same store that had ad account suspensions and supplier issues, which are now mostly resolved. For those wondering sitting on 2.5-3.0 ROAS and still climbing now that I have implemented better strategies that are crushing it.

If you want that information I highly recommend watching my other videos, where I teach you how to make and operate a real business, not just another store in the sea of stores which is what 99% are doing and going to struggle at.

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  1. If I'm targeting epacket countries and narrowing by english, the audiences for each individual country is very small after narrowing for english speakers only. How would I get around that or work with that? Thanks

  2. Crush it! Awesome content as always Ricky. Thanks!

  3. Omg this is actually really good. Sometimes I can't find the product for some potentials and I don't test them. Bro amazing thanks now my reaserch method is even better.

  4. Ok still only breaking even or slightly losing, it's cool though cause testing is hard XD. Fuck I forgot to look at my key words ughhhhh lol I'll be spending so much time on it now lol. Got 4 products to upload today,

  5. Fantastic Ricky! Spot on, what we try to search in our comprehension in English isn't what the Chinese often use as in their product listing. Great one + kudos to you

  6. Aiveera chrome extension available on Chrome Web Store. Just search for Aiveera
    It will allow you to skip the COPY URL, PASTE URL and just click any image from the web.

  7. Thx champ
    Do you plan making Google shopping ads vids?

  8. The founder reached out to me wanting me to promote it, I tired it I found it to be too buggy, I'm waiting for the stable release hopefully that will help with the bugs as it is a potential good free tool

  9. It's important to jump on websites like this EARLY. Most of them get saturated very quickly…

  10. Hey man, Just wondering if you could give me a few tips on scaling. I've currently been doing £100-200/ day with my product but I'm having trouble scaling. I'm currently selling only in the UK, I've tested US too but it's not been very profitable. Anyway, my product seems to do amazing on weekends and on weekdays I'm sat around break even. Currently have 1 CBO with LLAs that has a great roas but I'm not too sure where to go or what to do next. Thanks man – Keep up the great vids

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