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In the final part of our $0-1000 Shopify challenge we look at the results we achieve from two separate Instagram Influencer campaigns.

We look at how we set up our campaigns with the product we chose and results from each campaign. The product we chose could be a potential going forward to Valentines Day 2019 so bear that in mind also 😉

With good Instagram Influencers, product in demand, ad copy and landing page you can easily make your $1000 on Shopify!

My goal in this video series is to make it as easy as possible for you to find already selling products to advertise to help you get your first sales on Shopify. Once you are able to learn what works and what does not you can tailor your own processes to help you guide you to ecommerce success.

If you have any questions about the process or about Shopify in general then please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The advice in this video does not guarantee results. These are the steps I would adopt and act as a guide to help you in your ecommerce journey.


  1. What are your online business goals for 2019?

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  2. Great content brother..✌🏼✌🏼
    I have a question…did you all of your sales from those ig influencers??

  3. loving these videos, im from Northern Ireland! just getting started and finding it hard but your vids are cool man

  4. You helped me a lot. Thank you. I'm going to try watches and bracelets in the Netherlands but am considering about other things. Thanks for the idea of just 3 different niches in one store

  5. Very great vid! When did you advertise this? The day, thanks a lot for the value

  6. You're an absolute legend! I see so much future in this channel. I am 14 and you now have truly inspired me to full commitment. I am going to build up my trendy products store tommorow! I'd love to give you a free shoutout on @deadlyrisks! Can I contact you on @trendyitemsnow?

  7. As always, clear concise and to the point!

  8. Got my first sales last night through influencers, do you do consulting?

  9. Great value and insight, one of the few around. I wish you every success in 2019, following along the way.

  10. Great videos mate. I just about made over £400 over the last few days on shoutouts after taking onboard your guidance in previous videos.
    This was after many trial and errors on dud pages and wasted money. Nevertheless I was able to find some good ones and feel like I'm in a much better position to push on for my first £1000

  11. I’m having trouble finding GOOD influencers , i find influencers but never make any sales and just keep losing money

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