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My name is Arie Scherson. I am a millennial ecommerce entrepreneur and I absolutely love creating content that will impact lives. Follow my journey!

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  1. Dude, good video. I opened my general store a few weeks ago, still tweaking it. Think I have got too many collections
    About 7. I got about 140 products
    Getting around 200 customers a week
    Not 1 sale as yet and it’s Black Friday 😞
    Take a peek
    Any info be good 👍👀

  2. Ohhh. That intro lookin fresh

  3. Following u since u had 4k subs , u growing so fast bro🔥 just don’t forget about your og viewers when you get famous, I mean you already are but still 🤣

  4. How do you deal with the 90 day hold? Wait it out? Or do u use another payment processor?

  5. yo the lucid dreams intro was fire as hell! keep it up bro

  6. Lucid dreams, love that song

  7. Super video Arie !! Perhaps a stupid question On my store the add to cart button is still in black background, how did you change on trend cove to green? Thanks

  8. Arie, I make music! if you ever need a song to use i give you permission!
    Max Liberty on soundcloud, spotifiy, apple music, etc.

  9. Yeah like the new intro, much cleaner. Drake lawyer hit your lawyer up? Lol

  10. General stores are better to start off with when combined with trackify so you can test multiple niches and segment your pixel data to help with scaling. Once you find products/niche you have done thorough research on and gained substantial data, you can then just create a new niche store and brand it.

  11. look'n like a ho snap…

  12. Weird question Arie where did u get your computer chair 🙂

  13. Definitely agree with you! Mid-level niches are my favorite for starting. Specific niches are my favorite for longterm potential. Branding is the key to HUGE longterm success.

  14. Can you make video on WOOCOMMERCE? Hope you take action 😀

  15. Is your main store selling copyrighted items?

  16. general, more customers low conversions…. niche less customers higher conversions. Theres no better, theres just a tradeoff in both

  17. There wasn’t really any wind … good mic…

  18. Hey Arie, how did you disable right click on Trendcove?

  19. I ❤ Niche! better data and more info

  20. hey bro great videos, do you have skype or fb?

  21. How do you maintain good customer service with a dropshipping business? So many of the big dropship stores that I see have 1/10 ratings or less on trustpilot

  22. So nice seeing someone always smiling.

  23. THE INTRO IS🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Arie looks like one of the nelkboys

  25. Branding is always key, best way to brand is by picking one product, make it high ticket and use all types of funnels to sell it. I saw a perfect example of this with a posture corrector thing that you wear on your back, aliexpress it cost $10 the people dropshipping it slapped a logo, used a perfect sells video talking about posture and sold sooo many already. i think this one of the best ways to dropship tbh. Whats everyones opinion on the best way to dropship? Been dropshipping for 8 months now had some decent success, i wanna test dropshipping the more branded way.

  26. Hey Arie! How did you link your main store AND trend cove to your same bank account through Paypal? Paypal won’t let me link my other store to my bank (says I can’t link this bank anymore).

  27. Great Video Arie, Quick Question recently I've created my 2nd Shopify Store it's a general store I made 7 sales in the first 2weeks of my trial. Then it was time to pay my shopify bill I paid it then Shopify shut down my store due to risk management aka the higher ups of shopify. In my point of view I did nothing wrong I setup as any regular shopify store owner would. Do you know how to contact them or get a Diffrenc ticket number to chat with the other High Risk Management in shopify. I've called since last week but they only do emails I'm really trying to get my store back. Any feedback is helpful thanks -MrDavinci

  28. Super relevant to me right now

  29. I just reached this conclusion this week as well! I find that building a store around a niche is much more profitable. And you're right, it's also much more enjoyable as well! Thanks for the video!

  30. picked up the golden nuggets 🙂

  31. Juicewrld finna blow up like u bro 🔥

  32. Again with the straight up KNOWLEDGE! Thanks brother

  33. Nice background music 😉

  34. Yo my man, when I do LLA should I put country that converted the most or? 🙂 thanks and keep up the work

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