[No BS Case Study] From $0 To $20,000/Day In 10 Days With Ecom

[No BS Case Study] From $0 To $20,000/Day In 10 Days With Ecom


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  1. Every dropsihhipper literally touches every part of it except tax and company side. I don't understand why don't really talk about this much because it is a really huge problem. I made 2 sales last week and instantly PayPal blocked my money and now I have no idea how to create the company and how to pay taxes and that stuff for dropshipping.

  2. Hello, can you make vids in Spanish? Se que hablas español por el acento que tienes. Por favor estoy muy necesitado de dinero. Muchas gracias

  3. عندي إحساس انه بيتكلم أشياء مفيدة بس انا مافهمت شي كلامو سريع جدا وانا مهتمة أفهم ستراتيجية متجر الكتروني ما فهمت شي من الفيديو😔

  4. Gold nuggets .. Thanks man! my highest day so far is $9K…

  5. Uno de los mejores casos para estudiar, excelente Sebastian

  6. Awesome value! I think I will try this strategy with my new client. They're selling high quality vitamins and minerals (with good testimonials) for 14 mil EUR per year, and have never done any digital marketing. Only telemarketing. I have access to their 300 000+ segmented customer list (for LALs). I'm seeing a HUGE potential here. I'm starting next week. Will report results.

  7. hi
    it is better to ship from USA for USA people. But people who live in Europe, Australia and New Zeland it is better to ship from China? There is 12-15 days shipping.

  8. talking chinese…haahahaha. dude your good bro…Saludos from El Salvador.

  9. As for my very first campaign objective I chose PPE, and when choosing interests I chose the one with 30mln potential users. The product was a very unique and beautiful canvas print. I used 5$ budget and ran it for 24 hours and the result was: 194 people reached with 25 likes, 0 comments, 0 shares, 0 link clicks….not sure what could have gone wrong, but I see others getting at least 500-600 people reach on their first PPE ad (even with much narrower potential audience)….any advice?
    P.S. Thanks a lot for your content, great job man!

  10. under sales by channel what does 'other' mean

  11. hi sebastian what name warehouse fulfillment center you use

  12. joder, yo! Do you create with each new ad account also a new fanpage?

  13. Hi Sebastian, May I ask the 3 ad accounts that you split to advertising sharing same pixel?

  14. @Sebastian Gomez do you use amazon/ebay for your private label?

  15. Hi Sebastian, Please suggest if it is relevant for a newbie to buy your course ecomprofitslab-SPARK Program as it was created in 2017 and teaches how to drop ship using Ali express but not how to source from the US. Also, if that course is now updated as per the current market trends. Does your course teaches e-mail marketing and fb ads using latest techniques?

  16. has anyone got nay real suggestions of really good course that teaches these techniques?

  17. Thank you very much, Sebastian You are the best Man.

  18. Hello brotha, are you using Manual bid?


  20. Incredible information Sebastian. At what point though are you testing to find the best performing target cost for each audience in your manual bidding adset?

    I know you said you do various target costs when duplicating but you also noted that those adsets have different audiences.

  21. Anyone wants to collab to make online business? I already have my store and want to collab

  22. Thank you Sebastian. Awesome! just quick question, sometimes my ads are not delivering when i launch a ton of ads with 3 dollar budget. Actually they are active but not delivering. I don't know why. For example in the beginning there is no problem when i launch 5 6 ads with 3 dollars. There is a problem in 2nd or 3rd days when i launch over 10 ads. Did you have a such problem before?

  23. Thanks a lot, reporting back when I scale to $20k a day

  24. did you use video ads or image ads? for this result so amazing big bro

  25. Hi you published this video on my bd 😊😊… Love your video's

  26. Awesome content Sebastian, like always!!!
    Will appreciate if you could answer to this two quick question to help me understand your system more in details:
    (1) Low Budget Testing -> When you do your transition with profitable ad sets from $5.00 to $10.00 and from $10.00 to $40.00, do you duplicate the winning ad set to higher budget or changing the daily budget on the same ad set?
    (2) Low Budget DAY 1 Pausing Metric -> Do you have any starting metric/data you are looking for to pause the ad set straight away, like CPC more than $2.5-3.0 or CPM more than $30 to pause the ad set or CTR less than 1.00 %, OR you leave all ad sets running entire DAY 1and not looking at metric/data?
    Thanks man you are the best!

  27. Also doesnt mean that when u have new ad account ur posting with new fb page the ad, and that page supposedly have no likes, so does ppl still buy?

  28. 5 ad accounts mean 5 different fb accounts??

  29. I don't believe that you're still talking shit about dropshipping on a video where you're actually DROPSHIPPING!!

  30. Please how can I get in touch with you?

  31. Had many products did your store have before you started running ads? Was it a niche or general store? Also did you have any blog content on the website?

  32. Hey Sebastian! So you just increase the budget on the same adset and don't duplicate to higher budget? Also how do you determine the bid cap when doing manual?

  33. This is amazing. So just to confirm how do you increase the lower budget ad sets (before manual bidding).. do you increase them vertically in smaller increments or duplicate them and increase the budget on that one?

  34. Bro, 8 min ins and you haven't shown anything? Come on bro deja de hacerme perder el tiempo! Entiendo que eres un pro y todo. Have you taught anything in this video?

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