Out of the Sandbox – Collection Page Setup with Shopify Sections

Out of the Sandbox – Collection Page Setup with Shopify Sections


Welcome to a helpful video guide about setting up your Out of the Sandbox Collection Page, now using the Shopify Sections interface. This applies to Responsive 6.0, Mobilia 5.0, Retina 4.0 and Parallax 3.0.

00:00 Introduction
00:24 Theme Versions
01:10 What we’re working with on the Shopify platform (Products, Collections, Navigation)
02:45 Customize Theme – Shopify Sections Interface
03:10 Accessing all the Collection Page settings
03:38 General Settings – Product Grid (mobile products per row, image heights, price alignment, show vendor, show NEW/SALE banners, show swatch, quick shop)
06:30 Collection Sections Settings (products per row, products per page, show breadcrumb links, show collection title, sorting selector and tag filter selector)
09:15 Sidebar with Content Blocks (Tag list, Collection list, Vendor list, Type list, menus, page content blocks, text blocks, reordering blocks)
11:45 Collection Page Banner (collection.banner or Parallax settings)
13:00 Sub-Collections (collection.sub-collection)
14:41 Conclusion

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  1. aH ha!! i knew something was off! So ive been looking ar and wide for sub collection page and i couldnt find it for the life of me and thought shopify did not include this huge option. But lo and behold you obviously found a way which was the last thing youve shown in this video! HOWEVER, there is a discrepancy! For some reason I do not see the "Theme Template" option in the admin Collection section for some odd reason! Why is that?!?! i have the latest parralax theme and cant seem to find out why im not seeing what your seeing.

    the only thing i can think of is that i still have 1 more day in my free trial. But that would be a wierd feature to not implement in a trial period so that cant be it, right?? Please help me as this is the biggest hurddle in my way right now.

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