Parallax 1.0 Shopify Theme – Collection Page

Parallax 1.0 Shopify Theme – Collection Page


Learn how to setup the collection page of the Parallax Shopify theme using various different layout options –


  1. Great video, I have some question here, is it possible to duplicate a "home page" to one of my "collection"? so that my "collection" page can have the same effect as my home page? , well ,I mean the Parallax effects for the collection page, but not just only header, or can I duplicate the Parallax header in collection page? thanks!

  2. quite unfortunate that a black bar across the top of your video blocks very effectively any tabs you are accessing. 🙁

  3. At 13:26 I don't have the "page.colletion" option in that drop down box. How do I get it there? Everything else was awesomely easy, thanks.  PLEASE HELP!

  4. Awesome video, do you have any videos on creating tabs?

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