Print Profits Review – [Print on Demand & Shopify for Beginners]

Print Profits Review – [Print on Demand & Shopify for Beginners]


Print Profit Review – [Print on Demand & Shopify for Beginners]

Check out My BLOG POST for the FULL REVIEW:

Print Profits Review & Inside Look [By a REAL User] – The AfroPunk Entrepreneur

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Unlike some other reviews, I’m going to give you a FULL WALKTHROUGH of the Print Profits Course member’s area.
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Fred Lam is HIGHLY respected in the internet marketing and e-commerce space.

Michael Shah, a 7-Figure Earner in the E-Commerce space teaches the course. 

🤑Print on Demand has become a hot trend for hustlers, entrepreneurs, and grinders is a GREAT way to start a home business.

I took Chris Records 90-Day Shopify challenge and i really enjoyed it.

I opened up my own Shopify store and after a while, I was able to make it profitable.

But, I lacked a lot of the skills that this course will teach you. Topics Like:
* Scaling FB ads
* Branding
* Working With Designers
* Finding RELIABLE Vendors (a true challenge at times)

Of course, there are many FREE POD With Shopify Videos out there on Youtube.

This video is a favorite of mine:

But, with 8 Modules and 4 Bonus Modules, this course will give your secrets and techniques from a 7-Figure earner in the commerce space.

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  1. Let me know if you have questions. See my blog post for even more info and the link :

  2. Your volume too low sis Kiss kiss love u

  3. Peace sis, I like your style. Check out my store if you're interested.

  4. Can you help me get started please

  5. Thanks for the review! We’re actually friends on FB. Cool to see your channel! 👍🏻
    I look forward to more of your content!

  6. I have my brand on Amazon reebubble and teespring. Haven't sold a thing 2 weeks later 😖
    I don't have shopify because it charges monthly and I don't understand it very well.

  7. i need real help i am going crazy not knowing what to do ,how can i pay for real training please help

  8. Nice post Sherise, your review was very comprehensive just like my Print Profits Review on my channel.

  9. His name is Mikel shiiiiiiiiiii Not Mikel sha

  10. Great review Sherisse! 🙂

  11. Awesome review…thanks girl 🙂

  12. Tks for the review Sherisse….I always look for your reviews before buying anything! Never steered me wrong yet!

  13. Thanks Sherisse .. great review as usual 🙂

  14. nice review ! 😀 im getting it right now 😀

  15. Hey Sherrise, Thanks for a most comprehensive review. Your enthusiasm shines through in your delivery!
    This course looks like something I will be investigating further.
    Keep the reviews coming…!!

  16. oh wow, thanks for the review and detailed overview…
    It looks like a really complete course, i was debating whether i should buy it and your video really help me confirm my decision. so many bonuses & WAYY more than i was expecting.

    Thanks for sharing Sherisse 👍

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