QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Getting Started – The Basics in 25 Minutes!

QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Getting Started – The Basics in 25 Minutes!


First, setup a new account, 30-day free trial, use this forwarding link to my Intuit Reseller affiliate site: http://www.quickbooksoffer.com/?cid=irp-4337#pricing

Watch the more complete 2-hour course : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQwzVJMijkw

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  1. Thank you! I got the 50% off for 12 months through your link. Quick Books didn't want to give it to me at first. They wanted to screen share to actually see the deal. They didn't believe me. They only wanted to give me 3 months 1/2 off

  2. Hector , needed to re-date starting for my business for Quick book ..please give some guidance.

  3. How to enter sales return?

  4. Hector, I would like to know if quick books can handle project accounting for a construction company

  5. Hector show me how to pull financial reports off of it

  6. Thanks for the informative video!

  7. Thanks, great video! I'm brand new to QBO and not a CPA… this gave me a great start!

  8. Could you please tell me if i want to work as remote bookkeeper would using Quickbooks online be better?

  9. Hector I’m trying to get my family business transferred over from Peach-tree to Quick Books my sister does all the book keeping and she is afraid of anything new, also we get in a lot of cash. It’s a family farm horse boarding operation that does housing for horses. I watched 1 of your videos and found it helpful, I’m going to try and sell this to my sister and also buy her a new bad azz computer to help with the transfer into Quickbooks….thank you for your help

  10. Do you have any tutorials on how to customize quick books for landlords who property manage multiple properties? Thanks.

  11. I am a freelance graphic designer, marketeer and social media manager. At times I outsource work. Is quick books good for me?

  12. Hector, thanks for sharing. You're great !!!
    May GOD bless you !

  13. you taught me a lot of stuff thank you keep posting more videos

  14. In half hour, Hector provided a complete idea of how the QBonline works, I am really impressed this young CPA and after watching this video I become a fan of this highly skilled accountant. I am a Chartered Accountant too and just implementing QB online for a small firm. After watching this video, this is the first time I am going to subscribe any accounting Youtube channel and it did not take a second to decide it. Hector, I am really thankful to you for your help and I will keep watching your channel throughout the implementation process. MK Rehan, Toronto

  15. Hi Hector, thank you for the informative video. cCan I import a company system to quickbooks for complete the accounting cycle. Basically the company's system has n basic data. Like sales, expenses etc…thanks

  16. Hector – Great Video – short, sweet & informative. I'm using QB Desktop Pro – what are pro's con's to online subscription vs. desktop?

  17. Hector would love to see a simple process of what to do when receiving a bill. Step 1) take the bill the day you receive it and ….. 2) Go to QB's and ….. etc.

  18. My QB Plus does not give me the option for converting estimates to invoices. Did something change?

  19. Awesome!! Will be back and have subscribed!!!

  20. Can you do a ZohoBooks tutorial?

  21. sooo grateful with this video….thank you Hector….i learned a lot…you done it simple and easy to understand…one of your subscriber here

  22. Can you add your own logo to invoices instead of the one that’s on the software?

  23. I am setting up to start on Jan 1. Can I get my databases for customers and vendors merged into qbo without putting in any transactions? I have been using quickbooks desktop pro forever, Also, I work for a church so I will change the customers to donors.

  24. Nice light overview of typical data entry using quick books – Thank you ! ! this really gave me a good feel of the program ! !

  25. Thank you very much for sharing all of your knowledge on this subject!

  26. I'm gonna be starting a mini storage business and I just want an easy way to keep track oh who's paying rent and who isn't.

  27. Can QB online handle 5 separate businesses in one program? Monthly cost?

  28. Does it support other language like Thai ?

  29. Dude you are fast, you did cover a lot of quickbooks features in a short time. I will have to watch this video twice to catch it all. Thanks!

  30. Great quick video for those who listen quick! Thank you for sharing!

  31. at 25:10 where is the template or what are you clicking on?

  32. Muchísimas gracias, Héctor. Espero que con esto pueda comenzar a trabajar.

  33. Thanx hector. I am very new to QuickBooks and this 25 minutes really helped me to grasp the most important basics. I have a small Concrete biz and it has been overwhelming trying to figure out QuickBooks. I will be watching all of your videos and appreciate your information free to me and the rest of the world. I don’t have an Accountant and glad that you brought that up in this video. Guess it’s time for me to search for one.🤓

  34. Hector great video…i am new to Quick Books…whilst the features are abit different it similar in nature to Oracle and PeopleSoft financial system..

  35. Hi Garcia, I love your videos! They are super helpful. Quick question, do you offer your accounting services for Canadians or just the US? Thanks!

  36. Thank you for your videos, I need to learn it

  37. U are the number one sir thank you for the best and clean explanation!

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