Retina 2.1 Shopify Theme – Home Page Setup

Retina 2.1 Shopify Theme – Home Page Setup


Retina Shopify Theme Tutorial (

How to setup your Retina theme’s home page just like our demo shop –

Check out Retina & all of the other Out of the Sandbox Themes for Shopify at

00:00 – Intro/Completed Homepage Features
02:30 – Content
02:30 – / Products
03:05 – / Collections
03:40 – / Blog Posts
04:10 – / Homepage Page Content
05:00 – / Navigation / Drop Down Menu
06:20 – Theme Settings
07:20 – / Presets
08:15 – / Default Theme Appearance
09:00 – / Header (logo, social media icons, spacing)
12:35 – / Home Page
14:40 – -Collections
15:55 – -Instagram
18:30 – / Slideshow
22:10 – / Sidebar
22:30 – / Footer
23:25 – / Currency Converter
24:00 – Completed Homepage
25:00 – Footer Content/Social Media Tip
26:25 – Additional Support


  1. I am setting up the three featured promotions. Because the hyperlink to a URL, I presume I will need to build pages for these featured promotions. It looks like I can use a template on the page. But how do I add multiple products that line up on the page.?Does the page template that I choose automatically do this?

  2. I am not understanding how to add collections to the homepage. Did i miss it?

  3. How can I make the sub menus limit to 10 or less before it moves over to a second column? Our first drop down is Acoustic Guitars and it has 27 sub menu brands. Our second category is Electric Guitars and has 32 sub menu brands. As of right now, I see Acoustic Guitars, then indented sub menu with maybe 15 brands, then 2nd column is Electric Guitars and shows same amount of brands. It's cutting off the rest of sub menu brands in column 1 and 2 and is way too long. I want the sub menus to shift over to a next column after 10 are listed. Can I just copy the code for first drop down and then use that for the sub menu navigation? Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Hello! I gather it would be better if the explanations were followed by example applied on the page!

  5. How do I keep the white header at all times? I don't want it to disappear.

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