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In todays video I show you inside one of my million dollar shopify dropshipping stores. This was the first ever ecommerce store I started making money online with.

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  1. This video was super inspiring to me. I can really feel you when you was talking about the day you quit your job. Keep up the great stuff!

  2. I’m from London mate, about to launch my first store. This is inspirational stuff! Congratulations 🎉

  3. Smashed it! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Working on scaling, but $5k after my first two months thanks to your videos. Out of all the gurus out there yours has turned the most results for me so far, thanks brother

  5. Great video James…as they say "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner"

  6. Let’s say you get 100000 in revenue ,how much of that money actually goes into your bank

  7. Super value packed. Thanks for sharing and giving belief. And even sharing what products you sold. Super simple products! Never would have guessed. Jordan Welch shared one of his $250k products recently too. never would have guessed a lunch box. Lol

  8. Love the inspiration. Once you talked about that diamond pickaxe picture of those 2 men. I paused the video. Printed it out and stuck it infront of me on my corkboard! haha

  9. Nice vid but I don’t like the deceiving title . You didn’t even show the store

  10. yes if you are walking in hell keep going sooner or later you will be out

  11. Great Video. I'm a new subscriber and glad to have found this channel. Very much appreciate the guidance.

  12. good congrats i just put in to join your fb group

  13. What was your profit margin? 🙂

  14. James!!! I need your opinion brother. Can you review my store Been struggling without any sales for 4 months. I don’t want to give up but it’s being hard dude.

  15. awesome inspiration my man. was wondering if you're able to replicate these results with a niche store and not a "trendy" one?

  16. James, you didn't actually show your store at all…pretty deceiving title

  17. Awesome Vid.. Thanks for your consistent Videos. I keep thinking, How does he stay so consistent. O_o

  18. If I run a Facebook ad with a $5 budget and choose FB and Instagram placements, will the $5 be split across both platforms or will the $5 be spent on each one, totaling $10?

  19. You must be super grateful you didn't get the refund from the course!!

  20. I am too from the UK, would you recommend I change by stores currency to dollars?

  21. You give me hope. I’m going through a divorce after 26 years and cleaning houses. I’ve been diagnosed with RA and need to stop cleaning. This HAS to work for me. My store has been up a month and I’ve made one sale (to my daughter). I’ve run google ads and Facebook ads. Can you look at my store and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  22. Thank you for the video, James! Can you make another video about the problems you had, so we know what to expect 🙂

  23. Total of Zero dollars so far. But I'm lazy af.
    I've made 50c on the Internet which is probably worth $2 now lol

  24. That intro man, tryna get me caught at work 😂

  25. hey james can you make a video on what to do if facebook keeps on flagging your account. and what to do if that happends to you cause thats currently my situation right now i litterly, i made like 4 account and facebook keeps on flagging them ?

  26. Does anyone know a good priced course going into google ad words or facebook?

  27. James! Nice one! In retrospective what you did to crack the code do you think its approachable in 2018-2019?

  28. James – logically speaking, do you think it was easier back then in 2016 with Facebook? Less dropshipping competition due to barely any 'gurus' and courses being around. FB ad costs were lower too.

    Btw – I get it. Some people in 2016 would've said the same thing about 2014 and earlier etc.. But that's not my point.

    I'm not saying this in a negative manner at all whatsoever.. But that today – it's a whole new game. Branding is more important and other things. Everybody is literally doing the same thing because most gurus/courses teach the same FB ads and IG influencers ads.

    Curious to know what you all think 🙂

  29. super valuable video! Great to see your journey through that store…You scaled pretty fast from month 1 to month 2…I am looking to scale really fast in my first month on shopify

  30. Good story 🙂 Iam happy for you James. Iam curious what exactly did your mentor help you with in the beginning and how long Did you get help from him? Also when did you look for your first VA?

  31. Hey man, I do love your channel! I am looking in to Shopify as well, but I do have a lot to learn.

  32. And everyone who sees this comment, dont give up! I had 4 different store models/niches before Ive seen massive results! Keep on going and do what others are not doing.
    Come off professional with amazing service!!

  33. 75k+ in 2 months
    And hey James, you mind putting out a video about VAs or contacting me through IG? @jankrokos
    The workload is now getting crazy and I want to hear how you would go about handling/setting up VAs.
    Also, in terms of returns do you let your clients ship to your personal address or do you have a personal office box space in a postal office? Thanks and great content brotha!👍

  34. Oh btw I'm in LA too… for how long are u staying here?

  35. Love ur channel man, it provides reeeaaally helpful info and tips and stuff. Motivation too 🙂 Thanx a lot

  36. 127k pounds? what did u sell?

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