Scaling Shopify Store From $100 To $1,000 A Day Using Facebook Ads

Scaling Shopify Store From $100 To $1,000 A Day Using Facebook Ads


In this video you will learn how to scale your Shopify store from $100 a day to over $1,000 a day!

If you want to learn how to get your first sale then watch this video

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  1. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank so mutch man! This strategy complitly change my dropshipping bussiness!!

  2. Great content dude! This is the first video on YouTube I’ve seen showing the breakdown. Very educational, What’s the fastest way to scale a new pixel to $1k daily? How many days did it take to get those 9 sales etc?

  3. Was going to call this guy out #1099Challenge but ehh he don't deserve the attention

  4. Thanks for the info. I'm in your Ecom Masters Training and I'm getting a lot of value out of it.

  5. Another one knocked out of the park Joaquin!

  6. debating if it's even worth calling you out because you don't deserve the attention… 😂

  7. Only available here!''' express orders in 60 minutes by unlimited clixs

  8. Thanks man for this content. This is a game changing for me. I got sales for 1.9$ on 1 adset. I did the breakdown and they all come from men 34 – 44. I go scale now. Now I really understand what is "buying data". Actually this is fundamental basic marketing : audience segmentation. I learned this years ago but never put it in work. I hit 1000$/day yesterday but it was hard to scale further and keeping a good ROI. Now I know. This video changed my life and will make me tons of thousands of cash. Thank u mannnnn!

  9. Insane value man. Thanks for this content

  10. Great advice!!! Never heard to see the info behind an ad— you deliver!!!

  11. talking about dropshipping ?

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