Secret LookALike Strategy To Make $1Mil On Shopify With Facebook Ads

Secret LookALike Strategy To Make $1Mil On Shopify With Facebook Ads


Secret LookALike Strategy To Make $1Mil On Shopify With Facebook Ads!
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  1. 20 ROA? Damn that's a lot

  2. Should there be a separate LLA campaign for each event?

  3. ur videos suck now bro hahah

  4. isn’t it LAA? “L”ook”a”like “a”udience

  5. Hey Hayden, I'm starting to scale my ads to $400/day and am running into cash flow issues caused by delays on Shopify Payments and the terrible 72hr+ turnaround on Paypal transfers. This is the first time I've scaled to these numbers and I could use some insight from yourself and the community! Keep up the great content. I'd like to let you know that in part by you, I'll be able to live the way I've always dreamed of very very soon.

  6. Could you give an example where to buy the order data?

  7. Nice video Hayden. LLA’s are super powerful. When starting in a new niche especially my first goal is to build enough data to start creating LLA’s

  8. Facebook ads get me confused

  9. You’re almost giving away your ECOM REMASTERED 2.0 Bro! Take It Easyyyyyy

  10. How much do you think it’s a good budget to start and ad using lla?

  11. Harry, time to change hoodie xD

  12. Spreading knowledge great vid🔥🔥

  13. Great information thanks bro

  14. as soon a King Comm post something a few hours later you post the same thing. 😂 hmmmm.

  15. had my first $32,000/month last month using look-a-like audience

  16. I got about 400 orders from influencers on my first weekend of my first store .. Am-I better to use my pixel data? or LLA my past orders? or split test? thanks

  17. where can you buy data lists?

  18. This is crazyyy good! I’m going to implement it today 😁

  19. Great vid. Will including the mobile number field in your upload actually throw FB off? I had thought it would improve match since FB has people's phone numbers on file.

  20. Dude any advice for somebody that needs to find more winner products? its not that im not using ig and fb methods, its just that they dont pop up on my feed. and when they do, its just some small product with like 400 views :(((

  21. How do you not get scammed buying data?

  22. Where do you buy data?

  23. I’m getting the “must have a minimum of 100 events in a single country” when trying to create any lookalike with the imported data from orders. I have close to 1000 and the pixel LLA for purchase works fine so what’s different in this case?

  24. 0:12 My boy is out here having the same Gucci sweater every single video

  25. thank you!!! you are awesome!!! 👍🏼🙌🏼

  26. Nice Video, Thanks for the quality!

  27. " I am not a big Fan Of Showing Anything Materialistic " No problem in that, as long as it isn't constant flexing then that stuff is fine. I have £50 notes Pinned to my wall not to show anyone but for motivation. So I would recommend that if anything.

  28. I believe fb says 200 purchases result in an optimized look alike audience.

  29. In your program do you interact with the people that bought it? If they have questions?

  30. Does Preston and Hazza do WW or just U.S traffic.

  31. Harry and Preston should marry

  32. I have about 600 purchases on my current main store and just started running PUR LAA at midnight. I did campaign budget instead of setting a budget for each adset. Do you think that’s a good idea?

  33. Buying your program tomorrow man! 👌

  34. So basically an LLA will perform the same wether the data is built from scratch either from IG or FB?

  35. Hayden, this may sound out of blue, but can you talk about how nofap made you successful in dropshipping?

  36. Harry REALLY likes that Gucci hoodie haha

  37. OK, but do you have any suggestions for how to do FB ads when Facebook has banned me? I never even did my own ads. My ex employer used my account to set up ads and then fired me. Now I can't put in my own because FB keeps sending me automated responses saying they don't support my business model.

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