Set up Free Shipping on Shopify Tutorial

Set up Free Shipping on Shopify Tutorial

10 Set Free Shipping on Shopify. Tutorial by PinehurstWebsites.
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  1. printful does the shipping regardless if i make it free or not right?

  2. Hi, when the free shipping is made available, does the person selling end up covering the cost of the items or it's just free altogether, as in the owner doesn't have to pay?

  3. Thanks been looking for this video great content brother i had a quicl question doesnt shipping depend on location as well like how do i know how much to increase my product price to what if the shipping is to the other side of the world thanks

  4. great video! I have a Question! If its free shipping because you are drop shipping it to your customer, When you have to fulfill the order, I dont know what do to at this point because it will ask me what Carrier to use and shipping label… If its dropshipping why do I have to still pick something when im at this point? or am I missing something?

  5. How does it work if We want to do FREE+SHIPPING?

  6. With shipping, if you ship through USPS priority mail is it mandatory to use USPS shipping mailers?

  7. Hi Kevin. Why the $6.95 rate amount at 02:09?

  8. Hello brother can you help me please i have a problem in mega menu . when i click for save and Add & Design MEGA MENU . it show me that "Have an issue or want us to do it for you?
    Some themes have javascript issues due to customizations. In which case please click the "Do it for me!" button and email us.
    We will fix the issue right away!" when i chat with my support .he send me this message : <<<< I have done a reset to your app. Now you should be able to launch the app without any issues. However, in order to solve the javescript issue, I really need the access to the themes section of your store. Could you please provide it for me? To help you give me access, here's a simple step by step tutorial:>>>> How can i do that i dont understand ??????

  9. I want to create my first shopify online store. I don't know a lot about the site and I think drop-shipping is the best method for me. Could you give me beginner tips on how it works? Any advice would be great.

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