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0:00 – Fred Intro…
0:16 – Fred and his little yellow car
0:19 – Ice Cream Man Fred
0:37 – Fred Inc 5,000 Rewards + 30 Under 30
0:48 – Office Tour
1:10 – 5 Steps Start


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  1. It's not easy, the better word is simple. You can build a store, choose a product, run ads and target people, build funnels, over and over again and it will only take you a few days. Making money from doing it is the hard part lol you have to find a product people want and target and retarget them over and over again

  2. i spent at least a couple grand lol

  3. I am about to start drop shipping the next week, and for now I'm only watching your and Fred's videos only to make a picture of what it would look like and the things I should do next. For now I only have the idea of my store & niches so, wish me luck guys while I keep watching your videos and learn.

  4. Can someone explain me the merger (marriage) that will happen????

  5. Wanna colonize mars? Get Rocket, Fill Gas Tank, Push Buttons, Rinse & Repeat…

  6. I’d love to Register to your workshops but as for a beginner like me, it’s way too expensive. I need to earn first before I could register and join some of your workshops. Oh well, this will take time. Too bad for me

  7. Ill sub immediately
    1.sub back comment
    3.comment "done"
    Going to make muisc videos not releasing yet
    Thwnk you help me out tell ur pplz thanks💯

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  9. Just curious…lol…how old is Fred?

  10. Wowww. Subject is very good..
    and video plus sound is also
    good the quility of hd is really
    high. amazing thanks.

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  12. Want to be your student.. not having good from shopify.. and not getting all of the things to how to properly and productively work on shopify

  13. Dudes I totally have those red wine dudes on my fridge haha. But plz I need help starting out

  14. What's with that video you promised. It's not saved somewhere?

  15. hi my name is kell I have started up my store also started doing blog's been at it for about 3 months still not getting any traffic I do have limited funds to advertise i am not very good at this it seems

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  17. Pfft id never sell my store…20grand is baby money

  18. Guys when i begin shopify Do i buy Producta form aliexpress and so on, and Buy it in my shopify ?

  19. The link for the workshop has expired, by any chance do you have access to a replay? thank your for sharing your knowledge.

  20. want to earn some extra here is the link to get some extra, shoutout to new beginners

  21. Who’s mans is this 😂

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