Shopify 2018 Tutorial – Complete Guide To Launching A Successful eCom Store

Shopify 2018 Tutorial – Complete Guide To Launching A Successful eCom Store


Shopify 2018 Tutorial – Complete Guide To Launching A Successful eCom Store

Discover my 4 stupidly simple steps, that you can take right now to launch a brand new eCom store from scratch.

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Stick with me till the end, and you will know two things –

* How to start an eCom business that generates $200-$300 per day online (long term vision)
* How to never depend on one source of income for the rest of your life

Who is this video for?

* People who are dead broke, and have NO MONEY to invest in a business (Don’t worry I got your back)
* People who have little/a lot of money that is ready to be invested in a business that generates higher returns than the FREAKIN stock market (only if you are smart)

What do you need to get started?

* A simple laptop and an internet connection

What will we cover today?

* Finding a product to sell in less than 10 seconds
* Creating & launching a brand new store
* Free marketing methods to promote your product
* Paid marketing methods to crush your competition and become a market LEADER

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  1. Great video. I'm in! Thank you for posting Rohan.

  2. I'm in! From Peru. Lets do this

  3. if you don't mind can i know your mobile number

  4. i need more Information for wocommerce business

  5. Can you teach us, how to install

  6. Hey Roham can you tell me how to install facebook pixel on worldpress website,

  7. hello please any body can aswer my problem… I just paid the launching shopify basic… but when I am open my link in google my store still not open yet… why like thats ??? are need 14 days ends ???

  8. I used your method of finding facebook audiences by using magazines that your potential customers follow. Within a couple of days my fan page visits and likes were up 500% from my paid ads!! I'm still spending the same daily but the ads are that much more effective!!

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