Shopify Apps I Use – Teelaunch Review

Shopify Apps I Use – Teelaunch Review


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  1. Dam prices increased that shirt is 8 dollars now

  2. Hello, can we do this from outside us and how do you get paid, do they send it to bank account? Thanks.

  3. How is the print quality and shipping times?

  4. I love the tutorials and videos great stuff

  5. Does anyone know how to increase pixels to 2400×2400 as needed for teelaunch. Also, when you down load the app to create your own typography is their minimum pixel width 2400? Thanks

  6. Is there a monthly fee to use Teelaunch? because it's not clear from their website

  7. Anyone know if you can create a mens, womens, and kids tee of the same design at the same time and then reorganize them separately? I used a design and created them all at the same time and now on my site the only way to view the mens and womens version is to first click on the kids tshirt first.

  8. Hi, Q: What is the Daily Charge Limit option really about?
    Do they charge your card before they process an order?

  9. why i can t use transparent photo? i did that in lunapic when i was finished in cavanas and for the second photo say it s under 2400 but photo from cavanas it s the same and it accepted please help me and sorry for my english..

  10. Teelaunch sucks, customer service is crap.

  11. Hello hello, awesome review!
    Can you please tell me if you need to collect sales tax?

  12. What other shirt print company have you used? I love your tutorial very detailed and comprehensible.

  13. Hi, I had my first order and the status said "unfulfilled" for over a week now? is there anything I need to do?

  14. Great video. I'm in the process of starting my business and have decided to use teelaunch. This video helps out a lot. And thanks for letting us know about WordSwag.

  15. Hi, does the full price of the shirt come off off the credit card on file? How does that works with profit splits?

  16. Can you make it so they receive a receipt from you? will the apps you spoke about before link with Teelaunch as far as tracking numbers and all that?

    thanks in advance

  17. hello there…I have a question..l have my first order on teelaunch…now im stuck…not sure how to fullfill order…the status of the order is in batching?? confused pls help

  18. hi,
    thank you for this review! can you write here the name of the phone app you use to create words and images?

  19. hey there hope all is well…by any chance. Have you been able to check the quality of print provided br teelaunch

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