Shopify Blogs | How to Start A Blog on Your Shopify Store

Shopify Blogs | How to Start A Blog on Your Shopify Store


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Shopify Blogs | How to Start A Blog on Your Shopify Store

In this video, we will look at how to write your first blog post for your Shopify store. Starting a blog around your brand, product or industry is a great way to add value and content to your site.

Consistently writing content for your site will overtime boost your search engine rankings and improve the SEO for your Shopify store.

Using relevant keywords in your blog posts will increase your store SEO and the likelihood that visitors will find your store while searching online.


  1. Thank you so much for the information. I have few people every 3rd quarter that I will be highlighting on my blog. These individual send me their own bio page for me. I tried to upload their bio information and the system states they are all corrupt pages. I have copied and paste the information to word doc and saved them and Shopfity still will not allow me to upload. Now when I upload the pics I have no problem.. Please help…

  2. Good info. However, I had trouble understanding because of the accent.

  3. Hello, is it possible to add a blog that has already being made and just add it to you store? obviously I will add where I got my source from to avoind copy right issues. Thank you!

  4. Funny when it showed the name its like it was talking to me 😂

  5. Thank you for this video! For someone who is not very blog or internet savy, it was very informative.

  6. Fantastic tutorial; thank ya much for such an informational helpful vid buddy!

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