Shopify Buy Button Tutorial in 5 Minutes

Shopify Buy Button Tutorial in 5 Minutes

17 Shopify Buy Button Tutorial Shows you how to enable, create and customize a buy button for a product and add it to your blog post. By Shopify Experts at Pinehurst Websites.


  1. So this is an alternative to building a site in Shopify. I have a wordpress site and can use the Shopify buy button and have the same basic cart experience while using a wordpress theme?

  2. Hey kevin king thank you for this I have a question can you make the buy now button big size?

  3. So I have to add the buy button separately to each of the products> is there another way to just put it as whole to my home page? Thank you

  4. Thanks for this video! 3 years later and it still worked and I was able to achieve my goal, yay! 😀

  5. Hi, Thank you for your video.
    I have a question, what about if I’m building other people websites can I use my own BUY button? Or my clients have to create their own account on Shopify as well? Thanks

  6. You are a Life Safer My friend

  7. How can I make a button for donates on my site ??

  8. can i add the buy button to existing site build in rails?

  9. can you add the code indipendently of the shopify account???

  10. How do you context it to product page instead of making this link for a whole new page

  11. it's the 9 dollar per month right

  12. Thank you! Do you have any instructions on how to integrate this with Lead Pages?

  13. Hi is there a way to customize to find the product options when custom added with an app? The options are stored in rather than line.title

  14. You can customize the color. The shape may be determined by your theme.

  15. Can you customize the button to the shape or color you want?

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