Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial – 0-1st Sale (Part 1 – Niche Research)

Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial – 0-1st Sale (Part 1 – Niche Research)


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  1. 17 seconds in you have no energy or personality, maybe consider working on that, probably alot of people clicking away early on your videos.

  2. what have free keyword research tool?

  3. Finding the profitable niche is the first step when starting a dropshipping business. Make sure it narrow enough and meet the customer needs.

  4. Thank you for the valuable information.
    can one email account have some store in shopify?

  5. Finally,,, Someone who is not trying to sell something to viewer. Your honest approach to this has put me back on track. Almost quit before it started watching all the other vids

  6. do you have to buy the led shoes then sell it ?
    if not how do you get the money without selling your product

  7. so what i understand is your store in shopify items or products go to ebay
    for example you put in your store tennis ball so when i will search for tennis ball in ebay your tennis ball will be in the items is that right?

  8. still trying to generate my first sale now

  9. Best Channel Out There for Shopify and Facebook 👍👌

    Big Thanks

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