Shopify DropShipping Explained! How To Choose Your Shopify Store Name! – (Day 1/30) #Bizathon3

Shopify DropShipping Explained! How To Choose Your Shopify Store Name! – (Day 1/30) #Bizathon3


Step #1: Start your own Shopify Journey here:

As of June 2018, our store runs on the fabulous Dropship Theme. Get it here:

In This Video, Rito explains and shows you:

– Why you should start your own dropshipping business with Shopify
– The concept of Dropshipping
– The NUMBERS that matter for your Shopify Store
– Whether to start a NICHE store or a GENERAL store
– PRO TIPS on how to choose your shopify store name
– How to Register a domain name
– Connecting the domain name with Shopify
– Creating an email address for support purposes

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  2. I am trying to convince my friend to provide his US address and phone number since i cannot afford to pay $35 monthly to and Can you please tell why it is required and where will i fill in these details. I need more details to convince my friend since he is little apprehensive about this due to his student visa

  3. I bought a domain and been trying to connect it to my shopify store but i am getting an error. Same as that you were getting during the end of first day video. It's been almost 2 days but it is still not connecting. Please help out.

  4. If you are worried about being stuck in a small niche then just pick a broader niche, instead of pinning yourself into "watches" expand out a little bit and pick "accessories" as your niche, then you can go for watches/jewelry/ties/belts/cuff-links etc.

  5. Hi Rito

    I saw your interview on online millionaire summit i just want to confirm that can i follow your videos to build my store today 2018 because video is 2017 2 years old. Is those ideas still work or there are new things came out

  6. Is anyone doing well with DripShipping (Coffee) Help! Yelp! Thank you!

  7. whats your opinion on one product drop shipping?

  8. I do Shopify Dropshipping and an amazing team handles full order management service of my business! They keep me updated while I concentrate on the marketing aspect. I’m referring to ! A reliable partner in success! What are you waiting for? Contact them… Add through Skype: Myron – Fulfillman or Email:

  9. So much positivity 🙂

  10. Hi rito..!
    i am start watching your videos. Its cool..
    but i have one question…? related to buying domain name from namecheap, after some domain name their is one thingh mentioned kigndom whats that mean..? and why the pricing is different in godady or in namecheap …? where should i buy the domain name…?

  11. I didn't get you what you are trying to do? If want to teach then teach properly.. Please don't play around..

  12. Awesome video…at present shold we purchase domain from shopify or godaddy or namecheap for 1st time domain register?

  13. hello plz help me to make a paypal account ,and proprietorship registration

  14. Pls mention the intial cost for Shopify store, which is about USD 200 or so. Face book ad cost about USD 10/day( This is expensive). Also As per the video (Day2/30),I have opened an 'Virtual Post Mail' account. You have said at 6:26 if someone returns a product it will arrive there. My question is what will happen after that??? How will it be forwarded/ returned back to the supplier from this Virtual Post Mail??? It is a BIG PROBLEM

  15. Excited in 2019 ! Hope the procedure to start a store is still relevant today.

  16. just want some feedback on my new store check it here at – i launched it over a month now.. and still hasn't got any sale… would love some feedback on this.

  17. Perfect ! I was thinking of general itself rather than niche at start of my journey

  18. Your video training is i Think best available on youtube…I have one question- while purchasing Domain name from NAMECHEAP whether it is required to purchase 1.web hosting, 2. Private Email, 3. VPN, 4.Positive SSL. Your advise is required.

  19. Can I sell from India without getting my company registered in US? PLEASE ADVISE.

  20. Saw this video today and followed step by step…. thanks man

  21. I am doing online business clothes and how to shofy

  22. 2019 someone about to succeed?

  23. Sir at shopify site … Firstly they mentioned 14 days trial and another subscription charges… But you haven't shown that… I am little bit confuse …please help me out sir…

  24. Btw which is the tool he has used while explaining?

  25. Please try to make video at Hindi sir

  26. Can anyone pls tell me whether can i use big rock for registering my domain instead of godaddy?

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