Shopify Dropshipping Facebook Targeting Hack (LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES)

Shopify Dropshipping Facebook Targeting Hack (LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES)


In this video I teach you how to create a targeted lookalike audience from product page viewers.
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  1. FIRST! Love your vids bro, thank you much, you have changed my life and now I am currently doing 2K a day

  2. Love your video thank you so much for the hot tip. Never thought about it before!

  3. Bro you are the plug, thank you so much

  4. Hi Tristan,
    Awesome video, how do test products from spy tools like Drop ship spy?
    Considering they give the video Ad creative and suggested testing do you just pick what they give you and use it or do you tweak it a bit?

  5. Could anyone help? I created the LLA from visitors who viewed a specific product page. The campaign was PPE. I wanna continue to test this product with LLA. What campaign should I set for the LLA? PPE or ATC?

  6. he looks like peter parker :/

  7. Question Tristan. Can you create an audience from people who have visited a competitors page? Or any page (say a YouTube page)

  8. My FB show Audience too small and Lookalike too small (RED) HOW CAN I DO

  9. Killer tip at the end! Subscribed

  10. How do you make ATC custom audience for a specific product?

  11. AMAZING CONTENT MAN! I’ve literally listened to soooo many people and they don’t go into detail like you on LLA ✊🏽

  12. Thanks for the great free content and a winner product course. I have a question. When you create a custom audience from Page views, does it populate dynamically with new page views? Also, with LAA – does it use data from every new page view fired after the LAA was created?

  13. Thanks for the hot tip! Glad that I'm procrastinating and learned this before posting ads for the first time.

  14. Man, thanks for your valuable work. great explaination.

  15. So with lookalike audiences you do not need to put in any interests into the adset?

  16. You are GIVING GOLD! You know that right??!

  17. excelent video you are the best really. would like take some course but i dont know inglesh ok. brother onlly view your video becouse translate the subtitle. THANKS GOD BLESS YOU.

  18. Whoa awesome video man. Thanks a bunch. Subscribed !

  19. Hi tristan. So when I do a conversion objective for LLA – View Content. What do i optimized for on ad set level. Can i still choose purchase or view content?

  20. There are two pixels comes in one is Facebook Pixel and Custom Audience Pixel?
    Which one to use in Shopify as there is only one space for integration for pixel ID?

  21. why did you (tristan) go for customers who VC instead of purchased?

  22. can i target the LLA audiences with the same ad that i used before?

  23. I can't thank you enough, a lot of value in this videos!!! 😀

  24. Thanks your value video bro! love your video

  25. Your content is amazing man, never seen anybody give as much value as you for free!!

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