Shopify Dropshipping Is Different Now

Shopify Dropshipping Is Different Now


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Does Shopify dropshipping still work? Is it too late to start Shopify dropshipping in 2018? It’s definitely not too late, but Shopify dropshipping is different now. Hit SUBSCRIBE for more insane value!

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  1. Braden great video! I've got a question…if there's a chance that drop shipping with Aliexpress might be on it's way out, where would you suggest to look to source products instead? (or is this a secret revealed in your course?)

  2. HOW DO WE KNOW YOU AREN’T JUST COPYING THIS INFO FROM ONE OF THESE MANY DROPSHIPPING CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE. THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING YOU ARE SAYING. Where’s you proof? What makes your information and your “group” that you want us to join, so special.

    Nobody ever has real results from folks any of you kids on Youtube doing this scam. Where’s the proof?!? You look like you’re following some other personality on another channel. Where’s the proof? How much do you make doing this? Do you have a real job? How long have you been doing this? Half a million in the last 9 months and your in that little room? Something is not right. Where is the REAL proof? Some of us aren’t as gullible and stupid as you think. What gives. Who are you?

  3. Hey man what do you suggest for a logo design maker? Do I make it myself or if you pay somebody where can you find the best logo creators ?

  4. Hey man tbh don't think you need the intro or the little blurb that u say at the start of every video. Just get straight to the point, ppl like that way better.

  5. Engegemant groups killed IG

  6. How many stores does braden own?

  7. Braden love ur content. Got a question.
    Is shopify only in America?

  8. hey there i just saw your ad while watching my content and i'd like to learn from you stuff you're explaining , ^^ subscribed and either learning english , two birds with one stone cya

  9. Thanks for the video, Braden! I have a question -> when you negotiate a price with the influencer, how do you pay them? And how do you protect yourself against being scammed? (I mean if they decide to drop your post and the link to your store..)

  10. Yes! Instagram influencers are really bad now! communications with them got really harder and the majority of them are literally kids!! The other day I paid for a shoutout and after 3 days he got back to me to refund saying that he doesn't have swipe up feature in his story posts!! He literally wasted my time.

  11. Be my mentor bruh 😂😩

  12. I've tried many IG influencers, Non of them brings me even a single sale… There is too much scam. IG influencers buy followers and those followers didn't purchase.

  13. What is a good Shopify theme for a mid-level niche store with over 200 products in collections

  14. I was about to start my own store right today….n thanks for this video !!!!

  15. Hey Braden why do you hide negative comments ?

  16. hi braden i want to ask how much i need to start dropshipping in shopify (budget ??)

  17. Hi braden do you prefer drop shipping over fba if yes… what's your reason

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