Shopify Dropshipping Is ILLEGAL NOW?! Watch Before You Start Dropshipping!

Shopify Dropshipping Is ILLEGAL NOW?! Watch Before You Start Dropshipping!


Is dropshipping now illegal? You need to watch this before you start dropshipping. Times have changed as dropshipping has become insanely popular with authorities keeping a close eye on all dropshipping stores now!
Here’s what you need to watch out for and the commonly asked legal questions I get when it comes to Shopify dropshipping.



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  1. The dropshipping entrepreneur niche on YouTube seems cut throat so what you’ve done this year and growing so quickly says a lot. Thanks for creating a supportive community we can draw help from🙏🏻

  2. I do not understand this video. That is what's wrong with people. Y'all let authority make too many weird laws… We are above the got damn law SOMETIMES. These basturds are turds. Don't let a turd run y'alls lived! we got to survive and live! Anyone who works for this federal government are evil geniuses and you all are the hosts. More like ants that feel like you MUST serve a Queen! WE ARE NOT ANTS. The federal government is NOT GOD. THEY DONT TELL US WHATS WRONG AND RIGHT. FOR GOD SAKE, ARE WE KILLING PEOPLE DOING WHAT WE DO. NO. SO THEY CAN SUCK ON BUTT!

  3. Ok?.. well Ozdirect is not shopify so im safe,

  4. So it’s NOT illegal….

  5. Clickbait. Fyi dropshipping is a business model. And Shopify is a website that helps you do that. You're still doing the exact same thing as macys or a Coca-Cola. Macy's doesn't make cloths they've know as the place to buy cloths. Just like what ever your selling people will know your brand for that. So long story short "dropshipping" will never die because it is simply business. Do not listen to this fool. Just get good at actual marketing tactics and use shopify present your techniques

  6. Stop saying "copyright" when referring to dropshipping products. What you mean to say is "trademarked". Copyright is for written material or "copy" that you have a right to, or "copyright"

  7. Fuck off i aint going back to my day job i make 700$ a day in profit fuck the haters

  8. Its funny how you talk about ethics when you are making your own stores to sell other people's stuff and profit off it.

  9. Interesting, just start dropshipping when you want.

  10. every time is my facebook ad account switched off. What should i must do?

  11. Awesome Video! Also, everyone if you wanna learn the behind the scenes secrets of how to grow a MASSIVE E-Commerce business be sure to Join my group on Facebook: Hope to see you on the inside!

  12. dropshippings basicly is legal
    but the way you do it might be the way you operate it
    coin has 2 side look at book

    oh.. by the way "this is clickbait"

  13. Lol wtf with all these comments like they've never seen a clickbait video before? WELCOME TO YOUTUBE. If you're discounting Ethan's channel for it then the jokes on you, the amount of free content and value compared to other similar channels is ridiculously good. You're hating on the wrong man! #HUSTLEFAM

  14. Yes his right ecomerce dying correct

  15. Nice clickbait. This is not a way to get subscribers. No thank you

  16. I heard that Australia has an agreement with on aliExpress
    So that you cut off the tax directly frome you purchase

  17. Hey please tell me is Selling a Spiderman mask from AliExpress illegal?

  18. Thanks for the clickbait!!

  19. Shopify/Woocommerce/WIX is just a platform for setting up your Website/Blog/E-commerce store made easy, nothing illegal about it. -except the thing you sell is copyrighted infringe or illegal. (This is really just a common basic knowledge for dropshipping.) Fill a copy of Privacy Policy/Shipping Info/Return & Refund in your e-commerce store. If you do backorder then state it in your checkout page or in a product page. State the allowed time frame for good deliver/money refund if not deliver in the stated time frame. (customer will understand) If there is no refund then state in the policy! (This will discourage people to buy from you!) long delivery/long refund time/item deliver not same as image will get you an angry customer! (If you have an online store, you will have your chance to meet one!) Your supplier screw up, you are answering to your customer, not the supplier. At least 50% of a product cost come from promoting it. (That is your job) Do your homework of your suppliers you deal with. Are their item legit? Is their reputation good? Does these E-commerce platforms work? Yes It does but it's not a quick get rich scheme! A lot of work hours and fee you have to pay to promote (Google adword/facebook/pinterest/etc…) your website. Start off free mean nothing if those platforms don't offer the essential basic functional to start off a e-commerce store. There is even a 9/mo shopify lite that allow to sell in facebook/messenger/monetize any website(include free website! NOT Advise! They could close down your free site without any reason because they own it!) with a buy button/in person(events, fairs, popups)/allow to create invoices. Shopify is the easier than woocommerce and WIX (The latter two I had try for 2 days and giveup!)

  20. Clear information just loved it !!

  21. As long if you don't sell fake brands or don't pay taxes, no problem. It's good there on a manhunt for these fucking leeches.

  22. Ethan!!! You are right there at 9k followers. That’s amazing! I knew it was only a matter of time. Thanks for all u do! #hustlefam

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