Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US

Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US


Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US 👉

Ecommerce entrepreneurs working with Shopify dropshipping often want to know if the US is the best market to promote a Shopify dropshipping store. Well, it’s definitely a good market for ecommerce. But the best? Maybe not.

This video looks the pros and cons of Shopify dropshipping in the US, and gives you actionable tips for dropshipping in other markets.

You probably know the pros: The United States has the biggest economy in the world. The ecommerce market is enormous. It’s relatively easy to ship internationally to the US, so if you’re Shopify dropshipping with products coming from, say, China, you can get them to the US without much hassle or cost.

There are some challenges to the US market, though. Challenges that might make you think twice about making the States the focal point of your Shopify dropshipping strategy.

For starters, advertising costs are a lot higher than in other markets. Ecommerce stores the world over know that the US is a great ecommerce market, and the advertising costs reflect this. What’s more, the competition is fierce. The US market is simply more mature and more evolved that in other countries, so it might be harder to find a unique niche product in the US than in, say, Denmark.

With these challenges in mind, we’ll go over how you can find alternative markets. We consider facts like spending power, the prevalence of English, delivery options, and more. It turns out the US isn’t the only market where you can make noise as a Shopify dropshipper. In fact, it might not even be the best. Let’s dive in!

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  1. Thanks for all your informations!
    Is it possible to dropshipping in Algeria, Tunisia and Algeria?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Now the American tariff is higher

  3. Hello!
    If I sell a product to the United States and it is also sourced and shipped from the US, but I as the seller live in the UK, how would returns be dealt with? I am worried this will be an issue as I cannot expect the item to be sent to me in the United Kingdom in order to process a return. Is it doable? Many thanks, Katy 🙂

  4. And where do u pay taxes??

  5. by the thumbnail picture i thought she is Juliet from LOST

  6. what do you need to dropship outside the US to the US, LLC, EIN number, bank account, anything else? please help !

  7. hello and thanks for the nice video , I am a graphic designer I want to set up a store selling products with oriental design touch target GCC countries mainly UAE , SAK . and the arab how lives out side their counties like in USA, CANADA, UE but the problem is I live in Germany my bank account in germany and i cant speak German and I am not able to open rather than which is in German 🙁
    do I still able to start a store ? what is the best solution ?

  8. Better continue with your scam in the US and leave us in the European Union alone.

  9. How do i get into the market where there is language problem?

  10. I intend starting a Shopify store aimed at the UK. AS getting products from Aliexpress would take a long delivery time what similar Company would you suggest in the UK?

  11. Is it possible to start selling without creating an audience but with a winning product?

  12. You must be reading my mind, for a week or so I've been thinking about the exact thing and guess what your video poped up! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  13. Thanks im new to dropshipping already spent 300 hoping to make my first sale soon

  14. Hi guys Hugo here , can you use business cards to promote or market your business?

  15. how do i start dropshipping

  16. Hi and thank you for all this important informations, the problem to dropship to other contry ho speak english is the shipping time from aliexpress shipping to norway, sweeden, Uk … take 20-40 days with epacket or aliexpress standard shipping its to long !!! how can we do to resolv this problem ? thanks for your advice

  17. And I also told them that I do not have any Authorisation Certificate from that Brand how I can resell their products at that time they have not replied so far !!!!

  18. I contacted a big brand and they replied that they offer Dropshipping and asked Me to do so !!
    Please tell Me what should I do. ???

  19. I am going to drop ship from Ali Express which offers great amount of products but for my Store reliability I wanted to add some clothing brands but I saw in your blog that we should avoid brands to avoid any legal notices from them.

  20. Hello Oberlo Team,
    Please tell if we Dropship big Brands of Clothing will it be illegal ??

  21. How to deal with different currencies if say I dropship from Australia?

  22. this question is very important to me and im sure a lot of other people. I have a mix of custom t-shirts that are printed on demand via another Shopify app, and the rest of my products are supplied through oberlo. The issue is, everything I have on oberlo offers free shipping and for me to differentiate I added my own shirt designs, but it seems like every print on demand app charges a lot for shipping. Im not sure what to do in this case and I don't think it'll be smart to add the shipping price in the product, the custom tees are expensive as it is and if I add shipping costs it can even be up to $15 outside the USA. How can I promote free shipping but not on these custom tees, im very lost.

    Much love for the Oberlo team! <3

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