Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 23: Editing Add To Cart Button and Adding Trust Seals

Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 23: Editing Add To Cart Button and Adding Trust Seals


Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 23: Editing Add To Cart Button and Adding Trust Seals

Now we’re getting into some really minor details that will have major impacts on the conversions of your store and are essential if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. Listen, Shopify and Ecommerce/Dropshipping has become much, much more popular over the past 2 years and it’s now much harder to make a customer convert on your page because they’re seeing the same ads and products from tons of other promoters if they have interests on FB. You need to edit the store with these types of details in order to make a successful and profitable Shopify store. Walk through these steps with me very closely and do exactly as I do if you want to be profitable!

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  1. ya this is onlyworking on this theme. Does not work in my theme at all. even the CSS code is written different..


  3. It didn't work for me. I am not sure what I did wrong.

  4. Did the addtocart button one stop working?

  5. I Finally got this to work on my theme. I went to timber.scss.liquid. Search for add-to-cart then change the values under the .btn If you want to make the button taller, add a min-height line underneath the min-width

  6. The #AddToCart doesn't work for me!! I've tried and done exactly as in the video but the button doensn't change. What to do?

  7. nice video sir, can u tell me how to delete the price numbers in the images and instead of that i have to add the button book an appointment, please help me

  8. im using the boundless theme, and all my product images are the correct size on the home page, collections, etc.. except on the add to cart page. They fill the entire screen and become super pixelated… How do i fix this??

  9. Huge thumbs up man, thank you!

  10. please help me! i put in the code and now all it does is put a big orange add to cart over everything that is a product and it wont change back

  11. thanks a lot brother
    u saved a lot of money for me..
    make awesome videos..

  12. I am using the Brooklyn theme

  13. thanks for a great video. How do i change the color of the Update Cart Button 🙁

  14. Hi that is a great video. You make good stuff. I have the same question like the other two guys before. I want the button over the discrebtion of the product. It doesn works with the stuff what the people in the comment say. I have the brooklyn theme. You are a good man. I like you.

  15. Hey do you have a video about editing the hero slider of brooklyn theme?

  16. Any one using Venture line 184 exactly way shown on this vid its perfect i spent hours finding were to put it lol

  17. How do you change the size in the Brooklyn Theme? What he's saying doesn't work.

  18. How do i edit height on the add to cart button? i tried writing heigh: 400px; under the lenght but it didn`t work. Please help me

  19. Thank you very much, that's works perfectly with brooklyn theme, you just need to follow the tutorial step by step, even if i'm really beginner, good luck for all

  20. How can you edit the add the cart button in the supply theme?

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