Shopify + FaceBook Ads = $1000 from $100 Ad Spend

Shopify + FaceBook Ads = $1000 from $100 Ad Spend


7 Figure Academy 30 day training series:

Come and see live case studies of some of the most successful ad campaigns, top recommended products and softwares to help you beat out your competition and so much more that will allow you to be profitable FAST!

FaceBook ads are HUGE and if you currently aren’t using them you are missing out on TONS of cash!


  1. awsome video mate. learned lots from it. oh everyone rtop whinging about camera moving c'cmon for the info its worth it

  2. Skip to 4:10 to actually start learning

  3. You guys definitely are killing it. I don't try to argue with people but if the camera is moving too fast, quit looking at the damn screen and just listen. If the guy was going way to fast, guess what? Rewind it! We live in an age where any problem cab be solved with action. Stop complaining and take action!

  4. I spent a total of 150 dollars and got like 50 60 bucks out of it. I do 5 dollar a day ads is this why?

  5. SUPER AWESOME INFO! I am current in most of this knowledge though; therefore, I kept up unlike some of these other users. It really was a gold mine, the hyper-targeting.

  6. What a terrible video. Terrible in every aspect.

  7. this is a horrible video on every level, Dan, go learn how to instruct people….

  8. i am sorry to say that , but , Dan, slow down when you are showing key steps on you videos…most people take notes and may be just starting their ecommerce business. do not ramble through it. thank you

  9. Hey Dan, what's your Snapchat? Gavin

  10. im stuck at 98% on business facebook ads trying to create an ad but its stuck there

  11. Thank you from morocco 😀

  12. Awesome vid man i love all your free content and this vid clarified a lot as far as ad set ups go

  13. Great, really useful content. WIll help me with my store

  14. new subscriber, loving staying up till wee hours soaking it all up. Proud fellow canuk

  15. Hi Dan, I am a beginner and I found this video to fast for me to understand, is there another one that is just for starters. Joan

  16. Great utalizing the 1.99 budget mike👍🏽

  17. Do you want to learn how I made $750 last week?

  18. Thanks, I want to learn this but its too fast and what type of FB page is best to use? Can you make another Video that's slower more concise?

  19. Your tags are so misleading. This video NEVER shows $1000 for $100 ad spend. Big lie like most of your videos

  20. Can you check my ad. I juz don know what am I doing wrong. Your guidance can help me change something which I am lacking and help me gain better profits

  21. I followed this method and I reached out to 500 people on a day, however I have 0 converts so IDK if its just me having a bad description or my product may be a bit expensive

  22. I wish he would go a bit slower 🙂

  23. Do you have to make a face book page to start advertising?

  24. The webinar wasnt really teaching it was learning about the basics of running ecom on shopify

  25. excelente contenido Dan ya me inscribí en tus vídeos no hablo ingles pero deseo incursionare e este maravilloso negocio y espero recibir una gran ayuda de parte de ustedes un abrazo!

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